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From NYC to Berlin – art x branding concept to launch within the DACH region

[rs_section_title align=”center” title=”bringing a holistic approach to the DACH region (Germany / Austria / Switzerland & Italy) real estate and hospitality market. “][rs_space height=”25px”]
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Salzburg / Berlin, 10. December 2018 – The Boutique Art Consultancy VELVENOIR and the Berlin-based Branding agency MüllerValentini, are thrilled to announce their collaboration, with the mission to bring a holistic approach to the Berlin / DACH region real estate and hospitality market. Both firms pride themselves on developing and executing tailored concepts to differentiate the clients’ project from the competition. In this case with a curated art collection, bespoke branding material, marketing strategy, PR and a private art dinner to be hosted in the estate for sale. The idea was originally developed in New York City, where Tina Müller, MüllerValentini founder, has worked for design studio dbox with architects such as Norman Foster, Richard Meier or Herzog&de Meuron.

Alexandra Schafer, VELEVNOIR founder, has worked with firms such as Merival, HSBC, Interior Design & Financial Institutions to develop tailored solutions with contemporary art, storytelling, art encounters and anything between what her client desired.[/rs_special_text]

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[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]At MüllerValentini we enhance spaces by highlighting the uniqueness of each development

“We see immense value and importance in developing brands for places, by which we mean buildings, cities and regions. Places have a history, a shared culture, a characteristic aura, and a unique atmosphere. There is a soul to each place which cannot be ignored or defined but must be explored and understood to be able to tell its emotional story. Places are where our heart is, and with our work we allow your target group to feel the same way.” Tina Müller, Founder MüllerValentini[/rs_special_text]

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[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]At VELVENOIR, we turn spaces into personal experiences through contemporary art, storytelling and more…

“Many Property developers have been starting to adapt to the trend to offer a curated art collection containing emerging art to blue-chip pieces within their newly built trophy residences. Local art scenes have blossomed from NYC to London and the growing trend of contemporary statement pieces paired with the interiors concept to celebrate the property characteristics has been evolving ever since. Luxury property developers have been adopting this trend towards their sales strategy by offering a curated art collection as part of the property investment. Tailored to the design and location, art it is not only to be considered an aesthetic asset but also a financial one. Together with the MüllerValentini team, I’m thrilled to bring this concept to Berlin and the DACH region.” – Alexandra Schafer, VELVENOIR Founder[/rs_special_text]

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[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]Both firms merge the art consultancy with the marketing and branding services tailored to niche clients, who aim to offer a different sales strategy for their newly built estates.  This allows us to not only source and curate top-notch art collections but also implement the investment through various communication channels, branding materials and private events to differentiate each estate among others and share it with potential buyers, investors and our global connections and client base. Same goes for the branding strategy, both firms help investors, property developers and project developers successfully position their properties (buildings or real estate projects) in the competition. As a brand real estate, projects reach clear visibility, increased value and accelerated marketing.[/rs_special_text]
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[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lato” tag=”h4″]The idea – luxury real estate developments are transformed with locally based artists reflecting the heritage of each city and communicating the culture inside and outside the building. At VELVENOIR one of our consultants will source will source, acquire, curate and install a blended mix of emerging and blue-chip art tailored to the interior concept and luxury property concept. The art will speak to the aspirations of potential buyers and also the location, complementing the interior design.

Together, both firms will ensure that the art investment is implemented in the branding to highlight the USP. Clients, therefore, are able to fully live and share the provided material with the target audience and HNWI clients.

Through our strategic alliances, we offer 20 years of fine art, hospitality and branding experiences, gained while working for firms such as Christie’s, Sothebys´s, Porsche, Merivale, Four Seasons, Penisula, private collectors and  major art institution with experts based in major cities to discuss every project in person with all our clients.

MüllerValentini & VELVENOIR merge the art consultancy with the branding services tailored to niche clients, with the aim to offer a different sales strategy for their newly built estates. A concept well established in New York – we now believe is ready for Berlin and the DACH Region.[/rs_special_text][rs_image_block align=”align-center” image=”3840″][rs_image_block image=”4346″]

[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Montserrat” tag=”h4″]Photo Courtesy:
2018 Ziegert – Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH
Christian Hagemann
Merten Riesner / VELVENOIR & steininger.designers
Ian Ross Murals in collaboration with Sarah Michaud[/rs_special_text]
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