discover a selection of contemporary art carefully chosen and vetted by the art experts’ part of the VELVENOIR network

CURATED x ART A new way to explore and discover a selection of contemporaryart carefully sourced and vetted by the art experts’ part of the VELVENOIR network.

VELVENOIR, international art consultancy and concierge, today unveiled the next part of the VELVENOIR brand — CURATED. A new way to explore and discover a selection of contemporary art carefully chosen and vetted by the art experts’ part of the VELVENOIR network. CURATED offers an array of museum art, emerging artists and various mediums exclusively available through the password-protected website.

With this curated online art collection, we are able to make art accessible at a global level with a more personal approach as clients are able to see who selected the art, which art advisor stands behind the artist and why they believe this artwork is worth collecting. I see the curated art collection as a new tool for us at VELVENOIR to share international talents within the art world and our clients. Each client is will receive the access code for the page to explore, discover and acquire directly through us either via the secure payment option PayPal or by reaching out to one of our experts. For me it was essential, to ensure clients are able to connect anytime with our international experts and discuss the art seen online.” Alexandra Schafer – Founder VELVENOIR

“CURATED – BY VELVENOIR is the next evolution of curated art – selected precisely to inspire. Making a personal statement.. A diverse and exciting pick – promptly available to enhance concept spaces, show apartments or corporate projects.” – Magdalena Pieper, VELVENOIR Middle East

‘Thanks to this new and additional service, that will further enrich Velvenoir’s offer, the network places itself in a very solid position to provide a thorough advice and expertise to its range of international clients (private, corporate and/or institutional). Curated by Velvenoir is the ideal platform through which enjoying direct, unbiased access to several of the latest and most intriguing trends in the contemporary art scene. As a client, you will simply be a click-away for your next satisfactory art acquisition, with the guarantee that behind each single art piece on display there is the careful work of a trusted as well as highly-respected art consultant.” – Enrico Cavaliere – Art Advisor, London

“Whilst contemporary art per se is considered an international phenomenon, it is comprised of many and varied cultural elements, having been created by artists located across the globe. And in some cases, it is this cultural backdrop to the artwork which can hold the greatest significance; in other words, like most things, it is important to provide context for an enhanced appreciation of the collections presented by Velvenoir. In this respect it therefore makes sense that collectors have access to Velvenoir’s network of consultants and advisors who have personally curated the collection.” – Catherine Asquith, VELVENOIR Australia

“A curated fine art (online) exhibition for (your) curated fine interiors.” –Stefanie Bergot, Art Consultant, London

The VELVENOIR Curated art collection, offers contemporary art from emerging and established artists. Additionally, the collection aims to offer exclusive access to a curated selection entailing aboriginal as well as Soviet art to cover a variety of body of art. Each artwork featured within this curated collection is exclusively available through VELVENOIR and its international art experts. Each month, consultants are adding new talents to the collection seen at various international art fairs, shows and galleries. The curated art collection is an additional tool for clients to explore art outside of our monthly curated offline collections.Through CURATED, VELVENOIR offers various payment options for clients to choose from containing (credit card, PayPal, ApplePay or direct Bank transfer) to make the art acquisition an easy and efficient process – with expert guidance from our VELVENOIR Network.

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