Celebrating 8 years velvenoir

To all our lovely collectors, artists, partners, and the art collective who I have had the privilege of working with since 2017:


Today marks 8 years of VELVENOIR. Since its inception in the Australian Outback, VELVENOIR has been committed to providing independent and genuine art consulting services. Tailored towards a diverse clientele. What started as a small idea, has grown, shifted, and revealed itself to be a fulfilling endeavor. Our work continues to present challenges and excitements with each passing day, month, and year, but our passion for our work is unwavering, and we are proud and grateful to all our accomplishments and learnings. 


As we continue to move forward, we are invited to look back and reflect on the progress we have made over the past 8 years.

VELVENOIR was born amid travels throughout the Australian desert. Here, indigenous artists were capturing complex worlds on self-made cotton canvases and creating rich pigments with nearby plants. The rich lineage of the Australian Aboriginal art and its practices revealed to me the breadth of work that exists in one place at one time. The work, the landscape, and the culture presented me with arresting images that suspended my breath and attention. In the middle of nowhere, I was confronted with so much, and I immediately decided that it was my goal to make accessible, contemporary art globally. 

When I launched VELVENOIR as an online gallery in 2014, I had simply hoped to curate a platform that would provide visibility to a selection of global contemporary artists. I was led, however, down a slightly different path as this work revealed to me what it wanted to be, and over time, VELVENOIR evolved into an international art consultancy working intimately and professionally with all those who we encounter. Now, as we celebrate 8 years, we are truly grateful to see the work from emerging to blue-chip artists in private collections to residential and commercial spaces. All placed in eight different countries including Austria, the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Croatia.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of collaborating on and completing a diverse array of projects that represent VELVENOIR’s dedication to accessibility, hospitality, and professionalism. One of our largest projects to date, was the Andaz Prague, private residence in Vancouver, New York , Hamburg and Vienna. 

These collaborations at large scale hotels or within the intimacy of one’s own home was always the goal for VELVENOIR. Functioning independently without the process cannot support this work in the many ways that all those who encounter it do. The shared journey between us, the artist or artists, and collector is a partnership that requires tremendous diligence and sensibility.

The journey is personal, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution or answer. Each procurement, commission, consultation, acquisition, etc. is radically different, and is always challenging us to specify an already niche approach to working together. Now more than ever, dialogue and cooperation are imperative to our arts and our culture. Therefore, hearing your thoughts as a collector, business owner, or fellow artist, and learning how to guide you through a deeply personalized acquisition process is not only our job, but our goal.

Through our work here at VELVENOIR, we are constantly reminded of the complex, the beautiful, the magnificent, and the vital. Visual art and the many mediums in which it manifests demands an audience; it beckons us to witness, encounter, and hold space for the work and its many nuances. Our work is more than simply finding the right audience for an artist’s painting or sculpture or curating the proper look and feel of a space. We are instead actively driven by the work to transform and enliven spaces and art through a mutual dialogue and exchange. So, our private collections are not just collections, and our work in public spaces do not simply provide eye-catching glamor for visiting guests. Instead, something entirely more palpable is expressed through ecstatic figures, diverse range of color, and impressive raw materials.  Here, something that cuts deep, something that maintains passion, and something that evades language and can only exist between the art and the viewer exists.

To bring an artist’s work to life in this way requires collaboration, trust, and transparency, all of which has been offered and received at VELVENOIR, allowing us to flourish. As we celebrate 8 years, we are also celebrating those who have made 8 years possible. We are celebrating the many works that have passed through our hands, the many independent art professionals who make it possible, and the many people who support, view, and collect. So, I would like to thank you all on behalf of everyone at VELVENOIR: Thank you for believing in us, for trusting us in our decisions of the artists and partners we work with, and for allowing us to bring an incredible amount of art to your space and the personal journeys we had the opportunity joining you. ⁠

The past 8 years have been such an adventure, for which I’m truly grateful, and I cannot express enough gratitude for every single ounce of support that VELVENOIR has been given throughout the years. To 8 years, and more to come. #BecauseArtMakesADifference 

All the best from Vienna, 

-Alexandra & TEAM 

I would like to name a few special people, who helped me throughout these years. THANK YOU

Inês Valle, Roman Kopacek, Angelika Lunger-Peschke, Jules Lambe, Eva, Christian & Caroline Schafer, Catherine Asquith, Margot Heinirici, Anna Maiwald,Jürgen Deimbacher, Jürgen Hamberger, Merten Riesner, and Eva Leoplodi

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