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Behind the scenes in Q3

We occasionally raise the curtains for you to catch a glimpse of the work behind our projects. We are excited to look back and to share some exciting moments of our professional lives. Take a walk on our art side.

Let’s take a short throwback on our project Laurence Carr x VELVENOIR. Laurence’s outstanding approach blurs the lines between art, personal development and environmentalism to craft sacred spaces which replenish and restore that dwell within. Laurence and her team are masters of the alchemy that blends beauty, function and sustainability to turn any space into a sanctuary as we had the pleasure to work on her side. Our private collector was thrilled by the unique presentation of the selected statement pieces that joined a gentle co-living and blurred the lines to interior design.

While our residential and private collectors keep us busy too, our team passionately works on our hospitality project in Prague for next year’s opening. Behind the scenes images of artist studio visits and more – we can’t wait to share more.

Our latest and local eye-catcher was a private residence in the heart of Vienna, where we had the great pleasure to support the interior design team from STEININGER. Our mission: expansion of the already existing art collection at the family’s private residence. The brief was clear, nevertheless, art hunting is a particular special journey to embark where a precise vision is key. The supreme discipline is getting the collector’s dream art piece framed to its advantage and hung in the right spot because as we have already talked about, hanging is one of the most essential parts in the whole process.  

Speaking of private collectors: have you ever wondered how to start your own collection? There are plenty of stories and anecdotes out there in the art world, however, we had the joy to talk to some young collectors in Hamburg who inherited their love for art. Inspired by their grandparents which started the collection when they were young – even through times when collecting art was more of a challenge than a pleasure. Growing up in such an inspirational surrounding opens up a completely different and natural approach to the world of art. Art is neither a luxury nor something exclusive. Art builds bridges. Not just entirely because of the stories that art itself tells but also by connecting memories of generations. Supporting upcoming artists in their career becomes a natural habit – a tradition which could not be more in line with our passion, vision and furthermore the bare understanding of the art of art-collecting.

Last but not least, another hospitality project we are currently working on. We are currently researching the story behind Zurich and are developing a narrative for an art concept to inspire, connect and engage guests while they stay at the upcoming 5-star hotel. We can’t wait to share more in due course.



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