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  /  PROJECT PORTFOLIO   /  Artful home – Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Artful home – Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Location, Frankfurt am Main – private family home designed by local based interior designer Simone Jüschke ( https://jueschke-innenarchitektur.de) for a young family living in the heart of Frankfurt.

” I truly enjoyed finding art together with the couple, asking them questions and getting to know them better – I believe the artworks we’ve commissioned for their new home are perfect for them and I hope they enjoy each one of them on a daily basis.” – Alexandra Schafer

For us it was crucial to translate the couples passion for Chopin and Van Gogh within their art collection. After suggesting a couple of different artists to them, it was clear to commission the Serbian artist Dušica for the After Chopin piece which is the statement piece for the living room, right next to the piano.

The artist has listened to the classical piece shared by the client and created the above artwork with powerful colors, texture and the notes – which the collectors connects to the classical piece.

Dušica’s accords and color tones, lines and gestures, do not create a mimetic field on the canvas, there is no figurative analogy. They reach outside the abstraction itself. The artist accomplishes this with a simple transfiguration of our perception, the impact of the paintings fullness in a constant movement. She transcribes shapes and reality using gestures – behind and beyond reality. She layers them with color fusing a dancing dynamic onto them. – Vera Obradovic Ph.D

Her art is part of Wiener Stadtische collection of contemporary art, Serbia, Collection of Culture Centre Mladenovac, Serbia and various international private art collections.

In terms of the entrance hall, after showing the piece from Paul, which I’ve seen while walking around the galleries in London, it was clear to me, to have him commission the statement piece for this area – a truly colorful and unique artwork.

Paul s a British painter, born in Leicester in 1973. Paul studied at Falmouth College of Art obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration in 1995. Although Paul began a promising career as an illustrator, he soon moved on to concentrate on oil painting. Paul developed a unique style comprised of broad and expressive brushstrokes, while still making evident his superior draughtsmanship and colour sense.

”After training as an Illustrator, I have spent the last 15 years developing a painterly language through which I seek to capture a vitality beyond the establishment of a mere ‘likeness’ to the subject. Whilst I appreciate the importance of the individual being recognizable, the subjects are glimpsed rather than exposed, their inner selves hinted at but ultimately inscrutable”.- Paul

While hr appreciates the importance of the individual being recognizable, he describes the subjects of his work as being glimpsed rather than exposed. The spaces inhabited by subjects are often indeterminate, providing an atmosphere that allows for ambiguity of psychological state. The subjects retain their integrity, and yet a sense of intimacy is evoked.

He is steadily gaining recognition with gallery representation and work in national and international private collections. He continues to develop his practice through engagement in commissions, public projects, workshops, talks, and residencies.

On behalf of our collectors, we arranged the logistic, import and professional installation on site.

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