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art x hotel concept x storytelling = ma.people x velvenoir collaboration

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…partnering up to merge our expertise, know-how and passion with the aim to develop strong art hotel concepts with a unique story behind. Throughout this collaboration, we are excited to bring contemporary career artists and local cultures into hotels, which are part of the permanent hotel collection and hotel´s DNA and concept. The goal behind this newly developed approach is to provide a holistic approach in order to elevate the guest experience, increase the ROI and invite guests to socially engage and develop international brand awareness as well as to highlight the power behind contemporary art to be inspired, motived and connected to yourself.



[rs_section_title title=”THE FACTS”][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Nunito” tag=”h4″]Partner: MA people
Year: 2019
Projects: Boutique Hotels
Locations: Switzerland, South Tyrol, Austria, Germany, Maldives, UK, USA and Asia

Scope of work:

_Art  & Hotel Concept Development
_Contemporary art sourcing
_Artist collaborations
_Art Acquisition
_Bespoke art commissions (with career artists only)
_Installation on site
_Communication Strategy
_Supporting our clients on the entire art strategy

Contact us for further details:

Alexandra Schafer

E: info@velvenoir.com
P: +44 20 3289 9795
WeChat: Velvenoir
Whatsapp: +43/ 676 55 11 252


[rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lora” tag=”h4″]With the goal, to not only serve our clients in their comfort zone, taking a step further after realizing the importance of a holistic approach to consult and guide clients throughout the global hospitality market – that´s the reason behind why we´ve have teamed up with MA people. This collaboration allows both firms, to provide clients with a fully-thought-through concept that not only incorporates the normal hotel aspects but also includes the cultural, engagement and social factor – which plays a vital role for hotels to stand out within the market.

We truly believe in the power of contemporary art from career artists and that art and a tailored concept does make a difference for hotel guests, staff, board members and anyone else who stays there. Contemporary art, from career artists, does give your hotel concept a clear edge and unique positioning. A clearly positioned, differentiated and specialised hotel with a strong concept and profile does sustainably stand out from the competition in the long-run. They evoke desirability, generate higher occupancy and achieve significantly higher ADRs. “We know from our experience, that hotels that have the courage to be different, incomparable and offer tailored facilities and services to a specific target group, are more likely to attract the right guests, with the right expectations and are ultimately willing to pay the right prices. “ – Magdalena, co-founder MA people

Our experience is, that many hotels are cutting down the art budget once the construction goes over budget. I also know, many development firms don´t know to whom they should speak with regards to the art or concept development. I see many challenges right now when it comes to incorporating quality art in-line with a unique concept and artworks from career artists within the given and allocated budget and tight deadlines. Through this collaboration, I found like-minded partners who share the same philosophy and agree that art does play a vital role within any hotel concept. Our idea is to highlight and guide interested hotel owners, investors, developers and designers through on what we believe sets the hotel of the future apart. It is essential to outline, the importance to not only have a concept that speaks the language of your future guest but also support the local artists, culture and community. In the end, it is about bringing in a unique story, share it via social media and your hotel employees to invite travellers to explore your hotel, the concept but also the story behind the art in a completely new way. ”  Alexandra, founder VELVENOIR

Both firms together pride themselves on developing and executing tailored concepts for their international clientele from South Tyrol, the Maldives, Zurich, the US and Europe, and clearly differentiating their clients’ project from the competition, thus increasing ROI and attracting global awareness due to the one-of-a-kind art hotel concepts developed. Hotels with a unique positioning are clearly different than competitors, offering clear advantages and benefits for the guest.

“At MA people we are convinced that in today’s highly competitive hospitality market, a creative and innovative hotel concept and brand are crucial for your success. A thought-through hotel concept gives you strategic direction, serves as a day-to-day operational guide for you and your team, ensures that you attract the right guests, gives you a competitive edge and in our eyes is the ONLY guarantee for long-term personal and financial success. Art is putting itself firmly in the hospitality scene and can turn your concept in an outstanding USP.” Magdalena Rungaldier & Manuela Schwingshackl, founder of MA people

Ultimately it’s all about sourcing and curating top-notch art collections and communicating the investment through various communication channels, branding materials and events and supporting our clients from the beginning of a project too long after it’s completed. Together, we ensure that the art concept and investment are reflected not only in the communication but also throughout the branding and PR strategy, to guided future guests to fully experience the art throughout all created, guest touchpoints. Hotels, which truly stand out from the crowd can achieve higher occupancies, ask for higher prices, obtain a higher RevPAR and in the long run win the battle.

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