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art consulting insights from vienna | artist studio visit + art selection

[rs_section_title align=”center” title=”artist + artworks introduction | atelier visit in Vienna”][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lora” tag=”h3″]The Vienna based painter, Daniel, has invited us to his studio – to explore his figurative / abstract artworks first hand, since we’ve included already his art in a couple of projects from our clients.

When looking at his art, each artwork speaks for itself – it captures your focus, brings you to the present moment and yet at the same time lets you wonder off to within the painting. Each artwork is truly unique – the large scale works are statement pieces I can only recommend for aspiring collectors to invest in. His art becomes complete – with his own created wood frames. His art has been exhibited internationally and nationally and has been collected by major institutions and private collectors world-wide.

The artist, told me he takes the meaning or process of painting solemnly, letting the painting create itself. He uses no source material or sketches. Before approaching the canvas, he tries to clear himself of preconceptions. He describes the procedure as starting anywhere without a fixed idea, finding and feeding in ideas while working, not executing what was already thought out. He is fully process oriented, and goes so far as to start with a blank canvas, not even a white canvas; his quest begins on unprimed ground.

Special thanks again to the artist for inviting our office dog assistant Luna and myself to visit his studio and explore those superb artworks.

Reach out to us – if you are interested in any of the artworks below. We’ve put together a selection for you to explore and buy online by clicking on the image to send an enquiry to our team. [/rs_special_text]

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Alexandra Schafer

Alexandra Schafer, the driving force behind the international brand – VELVENOIR. A hospitality and marketing professional who brings her passion for contemporary art into the company. Having worked over 10 years within the field of hospitality, events, marketing and PR – she decided to build a company which not only makes contemporary art accessible at a global level but also has a personal and professional approach as part of the entire art experience. Through her entrepreneurial and hands-on approach, she has built a firm that breaks the boundaries of today´s art world and targets strategically niche industries.  To make art acquisition a personal experience and an exciting journey for her clients. Alexandra has been acquiring, curating and installing contemporary art from emerging to established career artists sourced from leading art galleries and art fairs as well as from artists to place within various residential, hospitality and commercial projects to create unique art experiences around the world together with a global network of experts, she selected and vetted to join her on the journey to transform her clients collection and spaces. Alexandra´s exposure to richly diverse cultures informs her entire approach and unique ability to translate each client´s desire to acquire contemporary art with a personal service allowed her to offer global access for her HNWI to acquire top-notch art for their private collection or project.  She gained invaluable experiences and insights throughout the last 10 years while living in London and Sydney.  Throughout the years, she worked for companies such as Four Seasons, David Jones, Merivale, HSBC, Sportsworld, The Star Sydney and many other boutique firms.

[rs_space height=”50px”][rs_special_text font=”google_web_font_Lora” tag=”h4″]ABOUT VELVENOIR

we are dedicated in sourcing, advising and buying the perfect artworks for our clients from career artists and indigenous communities because we believe: When you invest in art, you invest in yourself.

info@velvenoir.com [/rs_special_text]