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For us, the little things matter the most

Exclusive  art sourcing insights by our passionate art consultants

Curating and styling unique art collections from career artists with a conceptual approach to highlight each projects core concept and the identity of each building, owner and management firm

Today we are thrilled to share a sneak-peek behind the scenes – images of when we are sourcing contemporary art for corporate and hospitality clients,mood boards of accessoires found and fine-art books sourced for a residential feel in luxury hotels to simply create a feeling of home away from home with the art, the accessoires and art books.

Being on the road – exploring new visual artists work, artisan studios and boutique firms who have quality pieces that will set our clients projects apart is what we at VELVENOIR are all about. For us, the little things matter the most – from curated art collections with original art to personally sourcing accessories that connect with the art collection & client’s briefs.

Our art resources grow daily, with passionate art curators, consultants based in different cities across the world – we love to offer our client an eclectic source of extraordinary art from artists from different continents, as well as, making art accessible from indigenous communities, artisan villages and even contemporary art that is extremely hard to access due to conflicts and war, allowing all our clients, their homes, projects and hotels hold some extraordinary art that is being created in our world.

We conceptually curate and style exclusive art collections that always highlight our client’s vision and connect with the their unique projects identity – from the fine art black and white photography collection, to accessoires and fine art book sourcing – our team is able to fullfil any request.

Jules Lambe

Jules Lambe

Art & Accessoires Consultant - Hospitality Projects - Asia Region
Inês Valle

Inês Valle

Chief Art Curator VELVENOIR

Ines is specializing in African and Aboriginal contemporary arts, international social engaged art practices, art and communities.

Alexandra Schafer

Alexandra Schafer


Alexandra Schafer, the driving force behind VELVENOIR. She brings her passion for contemporary art and hospitality to any project.


  • bespoke art collection
  • bespoke fine-art plate collection
  • bespoke glass-ware
  • textile installations
  • fine-art books
  • fine-art glass sculptures
  • books to accessoires hotel in residential feel
  • indigenous pot collection and crafts
  • bespoke craftmanship tailored to hotel


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