Full-service and client centric art consultancy based in Europe – working internationally on a variety of different projects.

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art consultancy for interior designer and architects – because we care

  /  art consultancy for interior designer and architects – because we care
since 2014 - we believe in the powerful collaboration between us as art consultants and interior designers / architects

Collaboration is key


Art plays a huge part within the interior design process these days, as for us and our clients it defines the story we start working on.


Collaborating with interior designers on specifics projects and spaces, we utilise our expertise of art and design to handpick works of art that ultimately achieve the mood and aura a client envisions. Each piece of art is strategically placed and installed to work in synergy and complement the space and décor of a building.


The art selected is tailored towards each project and client sourced at leading art galleries, artist studios and international art fairs.


  • Initial Meeting
  • Reviewing and Discussing current project together
  • Receiving Client Brief incl. Budget and Images
  • Art Sourcing
  • Initial art suggestions
  • Tailored art presentation
  • Detailed artwork list for client
  • Artist Introduction
  • Artwork selection
  • Framing suggestion


  • Art Acquisition
  • Logistic & Art Handling
  • Import & Export Management
  • Management of installation on site
  • VELVENOIR Folder with certificates + Documents of artists and artworks acquired for your client.

FULL-SERVICE – tailored for what you need

Everything starts with a personal conversation, us getting to know you, your client, your design vision and concept.

**Please note, our global team is  proficient in AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite and we do work with architectural floor-plans, technical drawings, and elevations – hand in hand.


we look forward to hearing from you.

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