Full-service and client centric art consultancy based in Europe – working internationally on a variety of different projects.

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Unconventional, personal yet online – our online art concierge services are tailored to your art needs.

Why – because we believe art is for everyone and to find the perfect artwork it is a journey that takes time. That’s why we want to join you on this journey. Through our art concierge, we share and discuss quality artworks from career artists and indigenous communities with our clients. From the initial online submission to the personal call and meeting to us buying the artwork and discussing framing + installation on site. We want Private clients, collectors and interior designers have the possibility to comfortably reach out to us and start the dialogue online with a personal and passionate approach.

So, if you are currently looking for an artwork, try our online art concierge – HERE – 

Little sneak peak on what our art concierge service means

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