Full-service and client centric art consultancy based in Europe – working internationally on a variety of different projects.

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Art Consultancy with a vision

Our heart beats for an exceptional and personal service – with a passion for contemporary art.

Nothing is the same, everything is tailored.


We are one of the few art consultancy firms based in Europe, working exclusively with original art from career artists and indigenous communities across the world. Founded in 2014, by Alexandra Schafer – now working with leading art professionals and Art Curator Inês Valle, as an art collective on a variety of different private collections and projects.

VELVENOIR has a well-defined etiquette towards the artists, collectors and our clients.




We respect the privacy rights of our clients therefore, we keep all the documents and assets shared confidential.


Best Practices:

We are honoring best practices within the international art market and respect indigenous cultures and heritage in every step of the process of our work.




We act fully in the interest of our clients and artists. We believe in sharing the minutest details about fees, timeline and resource involvement.


Environmental Sustainability:


We are working towards being Carbon Neutral, hence we are working with carefully selected partner firms to minimize our carbon footprint on every project we work on. To archive this – we think outside the box and merge our international resources.


Supporting Career and indigenous artists in all our projects


We strongly believe in all the artists we work with, we connect talented artists to international projects and clients. At the same time our team, provides the necessary curatorial support and ensures all artists are is fairly remunerated and the price artworks are acquired are within the ones practices within the global market.




We pay attention to every detail to ensure we deliver the perfect presentation of the art collection. When we acquire for you, we always consider your vision, aesthetic of the artwork and long-term investment.

We are curators, storytellers, strategic minds and experts,  passionate about contemporary art, talented artists, indigenous communities and providing a holistic and turn-key approach in everything we do.Tailored to our diverse clientele and projects.


The team behind VELVENOIR consists of art curators and consultants specialized in different fields – sharing resources, expertise and long-built relationships with artists, galleries and art professionals.


Our network also includes respected art restoration, conservation, framing and installation specialists.

” Our story started back in 2013, in the Australian Outback. Traveling from Alice Springs up to Darwin, exploring the land, people and culture of Australia was an inspiring journey. And right there where aboriginal artists were creating artworks on self-made canvas out of cotton, with  paint out of the plants growing in the Australian dessert – the feeling when looking at the body of work connected with me very deeply. It´s hard to describe – but I guess anyone who collects art out of passion or found an artwork that belongs to them, understands me right here. It was there in the middle of nowhere where I decided to make contemporary art from career and indigenous artists accessible to anyone, while personally supporting my clients with all the resources and amazing contacts collected over the past years. Since 2017 I’ve been working with amazing artists, art advisors, curators, galleries and consultants on selected projects together.” – Alexandra Schafer

“I love working with our diverse clientele. Since every project is tailored to each client and project it’s super exciting to always come up with creative art concepts, ideas, strategies, introduce them to new artists and being able to truly provide a full-service. From the initial meeting to the hand-over of the art collection.” 

Alexandra Schafer, is an expert in contemporary art and hospitality with more than 10 years of experience. Her passion, determination and perservarance for these industriesmade her to launch VELVENOIR in 2014. She strives to remain at the forefront of her field, utilizing a cross- disciplinary approach, which allows her to be as thoughtful and dynamic as her clientele, to curate personal art collections, source and buy art for interior design projects, build permanent art collections and bespoke art concepts for her private clients / collectors as well as hotels and corporate projects. She holds a BA Degree in Business with Major Hospitality & Marketing, a certificate in Arts & HeritageManagement from Bocchoni. Her professional life has taken her to live and work between Europe and Australia, where she assumed diverse roles within different industries and gained invaluable insights from Business Development, Curating, Budgeting and project management to developing tailored strategies. Over the last fiveyears, she established a global network from leading art galleries, to blue-chip,emergingand indigenous artists, has strong relationships with internatioal curators, art advisors, art handlers, framers, communication and strategy to branding experts. Over the last 6 years, she has merged contemporary art with a personal and creative approach. Whilesharing her knowledge through international magazines and helping her collectors andclients through a tailored and unique approach.

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