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“At VELVENOIR we live for, to collect, advice and buy the most exciting art from international career artists for any of our client’s projects and concepts”



VELVENOIR, is an international art consultancy firm, operating with a high qualified team of art experts. Founded in 2014 by Alexandra Schafer. We support and serve our clients in providing a full-service art consultancy to a variety of clients and projects – tailored to the needs and requirements. Our services range from  the curatorial vision, art advising on the artist, art concept development, art commission, curatorial program, acquisition, logistic and project management, to the complete execution of the art collection incl. cataloging, Communication & PR strategy, workshops, as well as artist collaborations with brands   – Alexandra Schafer and her team, are personally  guiding and supporting our clients throughout every phase, with passion, commitment and professionalism.

We are storytellers, curators, strategic minds, art lovers passionate about contemporary art, talented artists, indigenous communities and in providing a tailored end to end service in everything we do. Tailored to our diverse clientele and projects.


The team behind VELVENOIR consists of art curators and consultants specialized in different fields – sharing resources, expertise and long-built relationships with artists, galleries and art professionals.


Our network also includes respected art restoration, conservation, framing and installation specialists.

It all starts with a personal conversation, where we get to know you. In this meeting, we. will ask questions, and discuss anything that helps us to understand your art requirements better. After our meeting, we will share a detailed proposal suggesting which direction we should walk together. The proposal followed with a kick-off meeting and workshop includes topics such as: sourcing art, sourcing off-market transactions, art management, collaborating with local artists and galleries, workshops, develop a tailored concept in line with the position of the project, storytelling, a bespoke communication strategy (Social Media / PR / Marketing), and full-service art consultation incl. final execution installation on site, logistic management and anything in between – tailored to your requirements. Our involvement is done, when your project and art collection is complete. 

Our areas of expertise covers the European, US, Chinese / Asian, African and Australian art markets. Our team is equipped with years of experience working for galleries, auction houses, Magazines, PR and communication agencies as well as for hospitality and corporate brands.

With a significant artist database, we maintain strong artist and galleries relationships ensuring high-quality outcomes for clients and projects.


We do not represent individual artists, our focus is on finding the right artist for the project and collector. All works we share with our collectors and within projects, are objectively the very best quality currently available and come from artist studios, galleries, auction houses and private collections all over the world. We are completely independent and possess no obligation to third parties regarding the sale or resale of art.


Our independent advice and services are  tailored to the needs of each client and project. We ensure our clients to make informed decisions, yet supporting them throughout the entire process. As a-full-service art consultancy we see it our mission to not only advice but also manage the entire art process for our diverse clientele and hospitality / corporate projects.

We advice / consult on contemporary emerging and established career artists.


We acquire contemporary art on behalf of our private clients, collectors, interior designers, real estate developers and architects.


We built art concepts and powerful art collections for hospitality and corporate projects.


We connect brands with contemporary art and develop concepts and opportunities for both parties.


We host workshops, salons and private dinners to foster a deeper understanding of contemporary art.


We believe in working very closely with our clients, at any level, to provide a full-service art consultation and project management.


We lead the way within the global art market in turning away from the traditional approach. Full-service and personal guidance is what we live and breath at VELVENOIR.

VELVENOIR has a well-defined etiquette towards the artists, collectors and our clients.




We respect the privacy rights of our clients therefore, we keep all the documents and assets shared with us, strictly  confidential.


Best Practices:

We are honoring best practices within the international art market and respect indigenous cultures and heritage in every step of the process of our work.




We act fully in the interest of our clients and artists. We believe in sharing details about fees, timeline and suggested resource involvement.


Environmental Sustainability:


We are working towards being Carbon Neutral, hence we are working with carefully selected partner firms to minimize our carbon footprint on every project we work on. To archive this – we think outside the box and merge our international resources.


Supporting Career and indigenous artists in all our projects


We strongly believe in all the artists we work with, we connect talented artists to international projects and clients. At the same time our team, provides the necessary curatorial support and ensures all artists are is fairly remunerated and the price artworks are acquired are within the ones practices within the global market.




We pay attention to every detail to ensure we deliver the perfect presentation of the art collection. When we acquire art for you, we always consider your vision, allocated budget, aesthetic of the artwork and long-term investment.

Our story started back in 2013, in the Australian Outback. Traveling from Alice Springs up to Darwin, exploring the land, people and culture of Australia was an inspiring journey. And right there where aboriginal artists were creating artworks on self-made canvas out of cotton, with  paint out of the plants growing in the Australian dessert – the feeling when looking at the body of work connected with me very deeply. It´s hard to describe – but I guess anyone who collects art out of passion or found an artwork that belongs to them, understands me right here. It was there in the middle of nowhere where I decided to make contemporary art from career and indigenous artists accessible to anyone, while personally supporting my clients with all the resources and amazing contacts collected over the past years. Since 2017 I’ve been working with amazing artists, art advisors, curators, galleries and consultants on selected projects together Transforming one space / project at a time with contemporary art.” – Alexandra Schafer

We stand behind VELVENOIR – always working with international art curators, art advisors, artists and galleries together to ensure the best approach has been met for you.

Alexandra Schafer

Alexandra Schafer

Margot Heinrici

Margot Heinrici

Creative Director
Veronika Korbei

Veronika Korbei

Art Historian
Catherine Asquith

Catherine Asquith

Valuations & Appraisals Expert
Jules Lambe

Jules Lambe

Art & Accessoires Consultant


Art Consultant on the go

“Art for us, is unique, inspiring and powerful – and we love to source, procure and buy the most exciting artworks from international career and indigenous artists for our clients – to engage, inspire and move them on a daily basis. Owning art, that speaks your language lifts you up in so many ways and we are grateful to join our clients on this exciting journey (with years of experience, an international team of art experts and curators, strong built relationships and excellent resources in the art world + own curated art database of international career artists to provide global access to the art market).” – Alexandra Schafer, Founder VELVENOIR

Alexandra Schafer_VELVENOIR_(c) Christian Jagerhofer

Alexandra Schafer, is an expert in contemporary art and hospitality with more than 10 years of experience. Her passion, determination and perseverance for these industries made her to launch VELVENOIR in 2014.

She strives to remain at the forefront of her field, utilizing a cross- disciplinary approach, which allows her to be as thoughtful and dynamic as her clientele, to curate personal art collections, source and buy art for interior design projects, build permanent art collections and art concepts for her private clients as well as hotels and corporate projects.

She holds a BA Degree in Business with Major Hospitality & Marketing, a certificate in Arts & HeritageManagement from Bocchoni. Her professional life has taken her to live and work between Europe and Australia, where she assumed diverse roles within different industries and gained invaluable insights from Business Development, Curating, Budgeting and Project Management to developing tailored strategies. Over the last seven years, she established a global network from leading art galleries, to blue-chip, emerging, established visual and indigenous artists, has strong relationships with international curators, art advisors, art handlers, framers, communication to branding experts.

Over the last 8 years, she has merged contemporary art with a personal and creative approach. While sharing her knowledge through international magazines and helping her collectors and clients through a tailored and unique approach, because she believes in a hospitality approach when collecting contemporary art.

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