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utilizing contemporary art as "unique selling point"/ sales strategy within the hospitality industry

A personal note about contemporary art x hospitality...

The challenges hospitality brands are currently facing are starting not only from the evolving customer preference and expectations but also the decreasing value of hotel brands and its offerings. Which generally starts with the customer journey from booking your stay online to checking in to the hotel. Today guest expecting to encounter and experience uniquely tailored experiences with the local scene and community involved, something you can’t explore anywhere else. A fully thought through concept – incorporated within the overall hotel and design concept. Why not implementing contemporary art (and I´m not speaking as a decorative point of view) more, as an engaging experience, hotel guests are invited to explore? A statement in neon art letters from Tracey Emin or Olivia Steele at the reception, an intriguing video installation from Evan Roth in the elevator or an impressive art installation within the restaurant from Alyson Shotz, Daniel Arsham, Marcel Buehler, Doug Aitken, Camilo Matiz or Peter Halley – art that triggers an emotion and a feeling to share the impressive art collection within the hotel with friends and family members via social media.

(c) Photo courtesy of the artist Peter Halley / Daniel Arsham / Doug Aitken / Alyson Shotz / Camilo Matiz / Marcel Buehler

Hotels such as the Faena Miami (http://www.faena.com/miami-beach/) , the Boutique Hotel Casa Malca (http://www.casamalca.com/) based in Tulum, Mexico as well as the art hotel Torel Avantgarde in Portugal (http://www.torelavantgarde.com/en/hotel-overview.html) are great examples of how hotel owners are utilizing art for their advantage and highlight the art collection within as its own unique encounters. The art collection is part of the entire “storytelling” / branding which is communicated throughout their entire marketing and PR channels.

(c) Photo courtesy of the hotel Faena / Case Malca and Torel Avantgarde.

Last year we spoke with hotel investors, hospitality consultants and global hospitality brands about the topic of contemporary art placed in hotels and how to highlight the art investment as a unique selling point. Outlining the importance of incorporating emerging artists as well as established artists with a blended mix of engaging art installations seen at Art Basel, Frieze and the Amory NYC, into the hotel space. Our main focus when discussing this topic was to highlight the art, as engaging art experience which should play an essential part of the hotel or some may call it “Creating instagramable moments” for hotel clients. Moments, tailored to the hotels target audience and design concept and story. After all, hotels do want to differentiate themselves from the competition as well as to offer their own tailored experience to their hotel guests. Today we are connected on a daily basis from clients based in Hong Kong to Paris or Vienna – but when travelling for business it can be a lonely journey so why not offer an engaging experience through your hotel to explore the art collection or host art dinners where hotel guest can register and join the spectacle as well as network with other like-minded travellers? What we are trying to highlight is, art can be, when utilized and communicated correctly a perfect value proposition in your hotel and a sole reason for lifestyle traveller to stay in your hotel. The concept and implementation right from the start with the right team is key in doing so.

But why should hotels create and invest in such expensive art collections / encounters ?

Because it allows the hotel to differentiate themselves among the competition, support career artists and add cultural value towards the entire lifestyle encounter as well as get global media coverage, influencers and lifestyle bloggers writing, talking and Instagramming about the art, the hotel and developed story while staying in the hotel. – which leads new guests, global reach, awareness and press.

Additional examples are highlighted via the following article: http://www.galeriemagazine.com/8-hotels-with-museum-worthy-art-collections/

What is essential to know when incorporating contemporary art, with an art consultant in your hotel concept?

  • The art consultant should be part since day 1 working

    along side

    with the design team to develop and propose a concept which goes hand in hand with the design as well as the vision of the hotel and target audience.

  • The art budget should be realistic and fair and communicated right from the start without any cuts later one due to other departments have gone over budget.

  • The art concept development, sourcing and acquisition as well as installation on site takes time

  • Once the art concept is confirmed with the client, the art consultant should also work alongside with your marketing and PR team, to help you add the art concept within your entire communication strategy and highlight key facts of each artists,exhibition highlights etc.

Moving forward, art consulting as we used to know it, will change in the future – and for us at VELVENOIR we try to be always on the forefront for our clients. Ensuring we have access to international artists and unique art pieces, experts with different backgrounds such as PR, Branding and hospitality to assist the art consultant on the ground with you and the team. For us it is essential to provide our clients with the right tools and services to highlight the art investment to our clients clientele and attract more clients, press coverage and social media engagement.

Focusing on a very holistic approach. We believe that “ART” plays an essential part and major component of a well curated and unique concept in the hotel as well as within the branding, marketing and pr department. #becauseartmakesadifference

Alexandra Schafer / alexandra@velvenoir.com


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