A Chat with Laurence Carr

In the quest for optimal energy in the spaces we occupy, art is an extremely powerful tool. Depending on the medium, theartist, and the work itself, each piece embodies dramatically different energy—energy that can be built upon. My husband and I are avid collectors, with fifteen pieces of fine art in our collection. We tend to gravitate toward pieces that are contemporary and eclectic, however, having traveled the world and lived in several different countries, a piece with a rich cultural background will always speak to us.

Although my husband and I have well-defined parameters for the pieces we purchase, not everyone comes to the table with this much clarity. For this reason and more, starting a collection can be daunting—so daunting, in fact, many will never do it. This is where the magic of VELVENOIR comes into focus.

Laurence Carr Interior Designer

Here, in a brief Q&A with Laurence Carr Design, Alexandra sheds light on the basicconcepts of art collecting for the novice.

In collaboration with Laurence Carr

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