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exclusive VELVENOIR update for 2018

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2017 has been a very successful and productive year with respect to developing VELVENOIR further, adding more experts to our global network, launch CURATED our password protected online gallery as well as have top-notch art instantly for any project or client of ours available. Moving forward, what can everyone expect from VELVENOIR and our global network in 2018 once is said we will not stop evolving and perfecting our services.


We will no longer only supply a curated art collection based on the design of the property to your newly built estate. From 2018 on, we offer a tailored hands-on approach with regards to the marketing and branding of the property itself using the art installed on site as the “Unique Selling Point” to elevate the property and attract a new audience of HNWI. Starting from providing tailored art packages based on budget given by the client followed by creating and developing branded marketing material for the client to use and share with their potential buyers and agents as well as host collaborative  events share the property among our clients and open up new channels to market the entire estate at a new level. Art adds value and leaning towards the property and with a strategic branding, marketing and exclusive gatherings to offer access to a new audience entailing trendsetters, art collectors and investors.

Additionally, we offer various structured loans for all our US real estate development project provided by our new financial partner. Through selected partners, we are thrilled to offer a personal and bespoke financial service approach allowing clients to receive structured loans based on own securities like stock, corporate bonds, mutual funds, treasuries or tax-free bonds, in return to developing a asset-based loan option. These loans may be tax efficient and provide liquidity, especially with stock price gains increasing values dramatically.


Art has become a new trend incorporated within the interior concept.  Along with this trend, there is also an increasing number of clients looking to acquire contemporary or blue-chip art pieces during the interior design process. Interior Designers seek to fulfil these requests and therefore, the international VELVENOIR network of art experts from now on offer an international art concierge, which allows interior designers to reach out and discuss any inquiries their clients may have. After understanding the collector′s interests, tastes and goals, the art consultant embarks on locating the highest caliber artwork available on the market, to aid the process of building a collection. The process of the offered art concierge is simple – interior designers contact VELVENOIR and share their clients’ requirements for the art that is requested. Based on those requirements the team will introduce one of their art consultants based on expertise and location, to meet the client in person and discuss the proposed art collection together with the client and interior designer. After confirming a bespoke art selection, the consultant acquires the art on behalf of the client. The consultant also takes care of framing, installing and insuring the artwork within the clients’ property as requested.


Part of our art concierge services,  we curate monthly art collections and have exclusive artworks available from international emerging and established artists. Those collections are artworks carefully selected and vetted by our global art experts. Each art consultant, advisor and curated part of our network makes top-notch art from the artist they believe in available to our clients.  We view this as a strong supplementary asset, as we are able to supply and inspire our clients immediately, in case that they are still uncertain of what they are looking for. By showing them what we have in stock and based on what they like, we are able to either acquire one of the pieces of these collections or source art all over the world, based on what they´ve seen. Through CURATED we offer contemporary art carefully chosen and vetted by the art experts’ part of the VELVENOIR network. CURATED offers an array of museum art, emerging artists and various mediums exclusively available through the password-protected website.


Dedicated to create a unique and authentic hotel experience through contemporary art by adding engaging statement pieces and offer a tailored branding and marketing approach to differentiate the hotel from others. Our expert offers an international, hands-on approach to curate and vet international contemporary art pieces seen at the Art Basel, Amory Show, Frieze and other fairs to incorporate within the hotel brand as a core message and “must” experience when staying. Additionally, we support our clients with the entire branding, marketing, web and app development if requested to truly communicate the art investment made within the hotel brand as its USP every globe-trotter cant wait to experience.


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