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Collecting art for sophisticated spaces requires more than just good taste and interesting objects or works of art. It’s about the conceptual approach to allow your space to breath a well-conceived and fully thought-through art concept that aims to enchant your life in every way possible. We are connected to an unparalleled network of international emerging and established career artists working with various conceivable mediums and scale.

Our main goal is to bring talented artists together with connoisseurs of art as well as provide the latter with access to top-notch paintings, drawings, sculptures and whatever you can think of. You’ll have an opportunity to look through numerous artworks at any time without leaving your office and you can simply discuss it with our team anytime.  Welcome to our Velvenoir App – an app that allows you to find the artwork you love and discover it in various different spaces as well as place it in your livingroom or bedroom.

Our VELVENOIR app that is exclusively available for our art collectors and interior designers to discover the art seen in our monthly art collections in our app to visualize the art in a completely new way.