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Exclusive interview with abstract artist Dusica Pejic on her mesmerizing and bold body of work

  1. You are one of the most prominent abstract painters in Serbia. What made you decide to choose abstract painting as your orientation?

I think that we don’t choose or find ourselves in some things, but that they choose us. It’s not rational. Abstract art is not an easy form but it’s rich and has its depth. It represents the focus change. It is an entrance into those layers that have been initiated using rational and recognizable moments, but are led by the depth, which is the point, after all. That is what attracts me to it and what my need for it is.

  1. Aside from the talent, one needs work, education, in order to be successful…

Everything is important. Talent without creation and real work does not exist. We can learn a lot through work, we can evolve, but we can’t find our truth if we don’t have a gift for it. However, what is success? I don’t think it involves number of exhibitions, awards, sales…Success means recognizing who we are through what we do, what we want to give through our work and what that work represents to others, if they can see themselves in it, or if they can find something in it that will enrich them.

  1. How would you describe your paintings?

Powerful, energetic, moveable. What my interest is, what has inspired me, what made me start creating my works, is text, scripture. With every letter, text, movement that we make, we move ourselves. That is a painting of us, our movement and our energy. That is an impulse that moves and inspires me. That gesture in itself carries a big possibility of interpretation and movement, which I use. Powerful, safe gesture which is free and at the same time, controlled. I am attracted to the contrasts of big and small, powerful and subtle, hard and soft…

  1. Can an artist in Serbia find one’s own place?

Everybody can find one’s own place if one knows what place one’s looking for. Position in Serbia is hard, but I don’t think that it’s easier anywhere else. Outside of Serbia, competition is bigger and stronger. Still, they say it should be easier? It is important to know what we’re looking for and to go through whatever obstacle we find on that road.

  1. Your paintings can be found in many galleries and interiors, which one would you mention?

I wouldn’t mention any. Every painting lives its own life and finds the place where it belongs in an extraordinary way.

  1. You’ve been given a lot of acknowledgments and awards.

The most important award is when people recognize that energy and when they find something personally meaningful in my paintings, in any form.



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