The benefits for Collectors and those who love art

The day you buy your first ARTWORK is an unforgettable experience and moment – a day that will stay in your mind forever. It’s the beginning of your personal journey where you will learn, enjoy and inspire others with your values for art.


Given the uncertainty feeling that often arise before acquiring an artwork or even an art concept for your home / project – our professional experience has thought us the importance of always support our clients in every stage, which are the following:


  • Personal Art Consultation with our curatorial team (via Zoom and /or in Person);
  • Advise on Fine-Art acquisitions – primary and secondary market;
  • Preliminary Fine-Art selection based on your requirements;
  • Tailored Art Concept outlining curatorial vision and concept based on your requirements  for your project and/ or collection;
  • Private virtual viewing of artworks with relevant details and pricing
  • Password protected private room
  • Renderings / Visuals tailored to your space;
  • Artwork acquisition and bespoke art commissions;
  • Advice on art presentation (framing, printing, light, etc.)
  • Management of logistic and art transport insurance – internationally.
  • Professional Installation on site, with art experts managing + supervising internationally.
  • Special conditions available, based on our VELVENOIR long-term partnerships with family owned and sustainable focused businesses.
  • Art Market investment reports (art as an asset);
  • A professional folder is always provided with relevant files and personal contact details to the leading art advisor.



  • Insider knowledge that’s necessary to navigate the artworld
  • Access and far reaching relationships within the industry
  • Education and exposure to both emerging and established artists
  • Efficiency, ease and an professional understanding of how art works with design
  • Throughout process we respect client’s time and maintain privacy at all levels.
  • services are tailored to our clients, requirements and allocated time and budget


  • Personal art consultation with dedicated art advisors.
  • Tailored artwork list and concept for your space.
  • Advising on framing – where our team shares renders and images of different options.
  • Special conditions from our partner services.
  • Art advisor is your personal contact from the initial meeting to installation on site and hand-over of documents.


  • Access to a curated private room tailored to your projects – password protected.
  • Personal support by our curatorial team in sourcing, suggesting contemporary art based on preference, budget and dimensions.
  • Tailored art concept going hand-in-hand with YOUR design/architectural concept.
  • Strategic art consultation with the main focus on storytelling for hospitality and health care projects.
  • Zoom Meetings and internal access to work in progress reports + images from artist studios and framers.
  • Site-specific art commission (concept-idea, development, procurement to professional installation).
  • Special pricing on framing and transport.
  • Logistic and export management.
  • Management of professional installation on site + supervision.
  • Documentations & Art Reports.
  • Bespoke workshops for large-scale projects and concepts.


  • Initial art consultation with curatorial team to establish requirements, scope of work, budget and deadlines.
  • Tailored suggestions + advice on first meeting.
  • Initial ideas, development and procurement of public artworks with a curatorial art program with personal art consultant guiding you throughout the full process.
  • Strategic Art Consultation on storytelling + workshop.
  • Collaborations with visual career artists and indigenous communities – internationally.
  • Sustainability focused.
  • Project Management from sign-off to hand-over.
  • Local expert on the ground.
  • Tailored art concept for indoor and outdoor area.
  • Access to an international network of art galleries, artists’ studios and art handlers.
  • Workshops for employees to marketing team on how to communicate concept + artworks with target audience.