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Here you will find complete press information about VELVENOIR, our projects and services. Press Releases can be downloaded directly.  If you’re looking for some specific content or high resolution images, please contact Eva Leopoldi for further informations.

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Eva Leopoldi – eva@velvenoir.com

VELVENOIR is an international art consultancy and gallery that works with a global network of experts on various international hospitality, commercial and residential projects. It was founded in the heart of Salzburg, Austria, by Alexandra Schafer, with the vision to transform spaces into a personal experience by sourcing and displaying original contemporary artwork, with the support and advice of expert consultants. The company has continued to grow internationally, established a portfolio of career artists, and developed itself as a niche agency that focuses on clients in the art, design and hospitality industry. VELVENOIR and its international network seeks to develop and execute an art concept that inspires and engages clients through contemporary art, and the network achieves this by assisting with residential, commercial and hospitality projects at a global level. Crucially, our team recognise the importance of displaying distinctive artwork in hotel properties. They understand the way in which these pieces strike a dialogue with guests and designed interiors, and help define a unique brand identity that reflects the values, philosophy and concept of a hotel company.

The VELVENOIR network and its resources are truly unique in the world of art. The team is committed to making a difference in interior design projects, by building valuable art collections that serve not only to enrich the experience and perception of a space, but also as financial assets. Our network of international consultants are dedicated to guiding clients through every stage of this process, and with their passion and knowledge, exceeding all expectations.

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