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Project Details

Client: Robert Rauschenberg Emerging Curator 2015 - Academy Art Museum, Maryland.

Date: 24. November 2016

Online: mercercontemporary.com

Robert Rauschenberg Emerging Curator 2015. The ROCI Road to Peace: Experiments in the Unfamiliar, December 5th 2-15 - March 6th 2016, Academy Art Museum, Maryland.The intentions of the Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange (ROCI, 1984–91)—to celebrate difference and promote peace through art—are as relevant today as they were in 1984, the year Rauschenberg embarked on traveling to ten countries around the world to explore their cultural and artistic traditions. The ROCI Road to Peace: Experiments in the Unfamiliar, demonstrates how the spirit of Robert Rauschenberg's ROCI series inhabits the artwork of a younger generation. Through the work of seven contemporary artists responding to the current social, political, and technological landscape, the exhibition envisions what a ROCI of today might look like. Recent technological innovations have given art new power to generate insight into the human experience, immersing the viewer in alternate realities in ways that would otherwise never have been possible.
This exhibition points toward the potential of a dawning Pax Technologica—a concept that embraces the ubiquity of technology in our everyday lives as a positive force that might provide a step toward global peace and cooperation. By examining technology as a vehicle for connections between individuals and for insight into different cultures and social movements, The ROCI Road to Peace honors Rauschenberg’s legacy while bringing his vision into a contemporary context. The exhibition comprised of eleven ROCI works from the National Gallery of Art, seven mid-career artists from across the globe and five student artists from China, to Peru, to the United States.

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