Project Details

Client: Private Client

Date: 14. Januar 2017

Online: www.artbridge.biz

Stefanie Bergot and her team created the beautiful art concept around this luxury residential property. Stefanie follows the same vision as we do, for us and her, each property has a unique story to tell. Working with various property developers around the world, we communicate their vision and story through our art concepts, from the big picture down to the finest detail. The outcome is an experience client can´t wait to live in.
Deep research and an understanding of current and future trends, combined with a history of collaboration and partnership, results in spaces that improve the way people live, work, play and relax. The tailored, collaborative approach to work with a specialized art consultancy agency with the resources and expertise of a full-service art firm will assist clients to find their personal statement within the fast paced art world.

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