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Project Details

Client: Gusswerk Salzburg

Date: 28. Juni 2016

Boutique Hotel Salzburg A harmonious interplay of art and interior design based on the famous concept “Salon de Paris”. We developed different room themes according to artistic styles in each of the boutique hotels rooms. The boutique hotel is located 15 min outside of Salzburg in an old bell foundry. Through different design trends in each hotel room - we developed and executed a concept containting 200 works of art from 34 international artists as well as a treasure card to read the story behind each artwork and room.
We developed concepts with the following artists: Gabriele Rothweiler (Photography) Eva Leopoldi ( Figurative Art) Inge Frank ( Abstract Art) Gillie & Marc ( Sculptures) Una St. Tropez ( Portraits) Petra Mitterer ( Fresco Art) Carolina Saidenberg ( Figurative Art) Tassia Bianchini ( Abstract Art) Justyna Gadek ( Abstract Art) Josef Gappmair ( Nu-Plexi Art) Christian Peschke ( Modern Art) George Classen ( Modern Art) Pavel Mitkov Patrick Garner (Art Collage) Andrea Stajan-Ferkul (Abstract Art) Ana Cvejic