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Collecting art for sophisticated spaces requires more than just good taste and interesting objects or works of art. It’s about the conceptual approach to allow your space to breathe a well-conceived and fully thought-through art concept that aims to enchant your life in every way possible. We are connected to an unparalleled network of international emerging and established career artists working with various conceivable mediums and scale.

VELVENOIR  partnered with the best-in-class art consultants, advisors, and curators, who are part of the VELVENOIR network. Each firm works independently on various projects and collaborates with the network to ensure an outstanding outcome for all our projects.


Over 25 years experience
Established know-how within the art and hospitality market
Direct access to international artists, museums and galleries


Independent consultancy firms with a different focus in the art world
Pairing know-how with the personal and technological approach
Different art history, auction, curatorial and hospitality background


Personal and transparent approach at a global level
Independent and discrete approach
Deadline and budget-oriented
Available to meet in person to discuss art requirements

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