We are thrilled to have new art advisors and consultans joining our international network with their expertise and know-how

VELVENOIR, the art consultancy that works with a large international network of the best-in-class art experts, is growing steadily and have once again welcomed new experts within the art field into their team; Holly Baxter, Jennifer Klos, Miriam Grundy and Christine Lee. The network is looking forward more than ever, to expand the international teamwork and cooperation across the globe and offer an outstanding international art consultancy and advisory services to discerning clients.

The VELVENOIR Network, launched by Alexandra Schafer in the early stages of the international art consultancy and advisory firm VELVENOIR, has been created with the purpose of introducing more teamwork and a sense of togetherness in the art world – something that has been lacking to date. This collaborative environment should encourage art consultants and curators to reach out to one another, in order to deliver excellent services to their clients’ respective projects. By meshing together their expertise and market knowledge, which they have collected over the years of experience, they not only deliver more than what is expected, but furthermore develop an exclusive, highly curated accessible art collection. By having consultants and curators on board that are located on every corner of the globe, it means the VELVENOIR network has access to each market and their respective experts. This allows for efficient project distributions as enquiries will be directly transferred to the most knowledgeable consultant.

VELVENOIR is thrilled to welcome, Holly Baxter to the network. She is a creative, dynamic and visionary art professional with over 15 year’s experience working in public, private and non-profit organizations. Holly Baxter not only serves on the advisory board and executive committee of the Global Fine Art Awards, but is the Principal in Holly Baxter & Associates LLC, and is the Chief Curator of the Human Rights Foundation international art program.

“I am thrilled to join the Velvenoir’s art consultancy firm and join their international network of experts.  I am aligned with Alexandra Schafers’ vision that sophisticated and original works of art are what truly elevate design.   Velvenoir’s  commitment to providing our clients with an international team of experts,  international art world resources, and  efficient service will provide for my client’s projects a truly unique aesthetic.” – HOLLY BAXTER, San Francisco & NY based- Art Advisor

An additional member of the network is Jennifer Klos, a Dallas-based art advisor, and independent curator. She is President of Collector House Inc., an art advisory firm that assists private collectors, interior designers and institutions in the United States in the acquisition of fine and decorative arts from modern to contemporary works. She was Curator at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art for eight years, organizing national and international exhibitions, expanding the presentation of decorative arts and design, and contemporary art installations. Jennifer has earned her master’s degree in the history of decorative arts, design, and culture from the Bard Graduate Center NYC and her bachelor’s degree in Art History and French from Vanderbilt University. She is a graduate of the Inchbald School of Design, London and Christie’s Education, London.

„I am honored to join the international network of the Velvenoir art consultancy firm. With such a talented team of art experts and resources, I am able to enhance my client projects and to inspire a growing audience of contemporary art collectors locally and nationally with a global perspective. I look forward to sharing my curatorial experience, passion, and knowledge with the team and clients.“ – JENNIFER KLOS – Dallas based-Art Advisor /Curator for VELVENOIR

The third new member joining the VELVENOIR network is Miriam Grundy. Miriam is an Australian, New York-based art consultant and appraiser specializing in Australian Aboriginal art. She brings a fresh and intuitive approach to collecting Aboriginal art, matching the values and identity of the client, collection or space with artworks and artists that reflect these. Working closely with art centers and individual artists, Miriam follows strict ethical standards on the acquisition, handling, and sale of Aboriginal art. Miriam earned her master’s degree in Arts Administration and her bachelor’s degree in Art History and French from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney. Miriam is a member of the Art Consultants Association of Australia and a qualified appraiser in North America.

“Velvenoir gives a global platform to the artists I work with and allows these artist’s work—who are often based in remote communities—to be seen and placed in significant collections all over the world“. – MIRIAM GRUNDY

The latest art consultant who joined the VELVENOIR network from NYC is Christine Lee. With over ten years of experience in contemporary art, art writing, and design, she is an art consultant to private collectors, corporations, hospitalities and architects, nationwide, and internationally. She is the founder and art consultant for Christine Lee Art Advisory, providing a comprehensive service for her clients in selecting artwork/s or building a collection for their residences, corporations or public environments. She offers a tailored approach, specific to each collector, collection and space, working on all aspects of the collecting process including research, identifying and accessing artworks, negotiating acquisitions, curating, framing, installations and deaccessions. Christine earned a Masters in Communication Design from Pratt Institute, a BA in Comparative Literature from Rutgers University, and a Certificate in Modern and Contemporary Art, Connoisseurship and the Art Market from Christie’s Education, New York.

I joined VELVENOIR as I was inspired by Alexandra’s mission, and her dedication to creating extraordinary visual experiences by transforming hospitality, residential and commercial environments through original art, coupled with design. With my passion for international art and artists, by collaborating with VELVENOIR, I’m able to be a part of, and work with a group of first-class international art advisors, in expanding VELVENOIR’s vision to projects in New York City.“ – Christine Lee, VELVENOIR Art Consultant / Advisor NYC

“It is essential for me to expand and build strong partnerships with art consultants, advisors and curators as this entire concept allows me to offer an excellent art consultancy service that goes above and beyond what clients expect. This is due to us bringing in the best-in-class experts which we carefully select and brief – and every single one of us has the same foundation to make a difference with contemporary art for their clients. I’m extremely thrilled to bring in Holly Baxter who is based in San Francisco and New York, Jennifer Klos who is our Dallas art advisor, Miriam Grundy who is our aboriginal art specialist and commuting between Darwin and New York and Christine Lee whos art consultancy focus is strongly within the hospitality industry to curate a unique experience together with our VELVENOIR network.” – ALEXANDRA SCHAFER – VELVENOIR Founder

Holly Baxter – Art Advisor San Francisco & NYC

Jennifer Klos – Art Curator / Advisor for VELVENOIR in Dallas

Miriam Grundy – Aboriginal Art Specialist based in NYC and Darwin

Christine Lee – Art Consultant for hospitality projects in NY