Introducing the IXA APP at the IXA House in Venice

App Debuts in Premier Venice Beach, CA, Home, on August 24
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LOS ANGELES (August 19, 2017) The IXA, Interiors X Art, invites people to experience a combination of contemporary art and the latest interior design trends via a pivotal key aspect – both in person as well as online, with the option to purchase anything in view. The IXA team—L.A.-based furniture and interior designer Jennifer Ridel, in collaboration with Alexandra Schafer, Alex Ray and the international VELVENOIR Network—engaged European app developer Paolo Schmidt to create the bespoke IXA app, which is created to bring flexibility and innovation into the aesthetic concept. The App officially launches with the IXA Venice opening on Thursday, 24. August. Attending art and design connoisseurs will be the first to receive the invite to access the IXA app.

The IXA concept is debuting its Interiors X Art concept within a premier Venice Beach, Calif., home designed by Griffin-Enright Architects and built by Parrish-Roback Developers.  The IXA derives intricate parallels between art, design and tech, exhibiting within an architecturally significant property, and for a limited time only.

What will you See?

The IXA will showcase the art and design curated by the partners to specifically reflect each location’s aesthetic.  The virtual tour mirrors the exact interior space of the venue that you would walk through.  Categorized into the different floors and sections, the viewer may systematically be shown around the interior and click on any visualized object.  This allows immediate viewing and ability to purchase all furniture pieces and artworks throughout the exclusive venue via secured payment options, or simply email the IXA team with the enquiry button.

Access and the Experience

Whether you attend an in-person hosted event or not, it is possible to request access to The IXA app and shop the curated art and design collection through the app or IXA website.  The IXA not only allows people on-site to access the exclusive venue, but opens up the design stage to an international network and audience.

During The IXA experience, the interior not only acts as a staging tool, but as a venue for brands and networks to host events and interact with their surroundings and embrace the entire design experience around them, sparking conversations and inspiration across visitors.  By using the designed app, it will ease the process of attaining information on a particular object in the house, whilst also be having the opportunity to engage in conversation with guest artists and designers during the official IXA opening.

“The IXA app was a vital investment to make the experience an international one, fitting with the way and where we do business,” says Alexandra Schafer, Managing Director, VELVENOIR.  “This allows clients to purchase the seen objects or artworks, as well as explore more about the story behind the artwork and artist, and designers, and brands we work with.  Plus we also focused on providing clients the ability to contact us directly through email, or book private house tours to experience the art and design either online or offline, with the guidance of our team.

„The collaboration of interior design, the arts and technology is something that I’m quite excited about, focused on and have believed in throughout my career. I feel that all of these elements together are vital to the way we live and function today. There is quite a bit of ebullience and innovation happening—particularly in Los Angeles right now—with the art and design world, and I’ve long searched for a way to merge design, scale and technology. This collaboration is a fantastic beginning.  With our combined resources and network, IXA is sure to be an interesting and provocative endeavor,“ states Ridel.

“When art went online, with the likes of ARTSPACE, ARTSY etc. I think no one thought it work—that people would never buy art that way. Well, guess what? ….. art buying did shift that way and when Brett Gorvy, former head of Christie’s Contemporary painting, posted a Basquiat painting of Sugar Ray Robinson, on his Instagram,  it had sold in a few hrs, with 3 buyers clamoring for it. The buyer viewed the multi million dollar transaction as an Instagram sale! Now, with our IXA app, we are encouraging people to also buy that immediate way. We are making the buying process of art as simple as it can be. The hard part-  the curating and sourcing has already been done—now anyone has to do is just be ball-sy and “click” and buy. They will still be connected to a consultant who will be there to answer and deal with all the typical details related to any art sale. From start to finish we are excited to provide a seamless service. I have had great success with the app model and I believe here at Velvenoir we will start to see a rise in popularity among our clients”.   Alex Ray – West Coast Art Advisor for VELVENOIR.
Now, through our programmed IXA app we are encouraging people to also buy with that immediacy.  We are making the buying process of art as simple as it can be, even offering a consultant to answer any questions.  It’s seamless, from start to finish.”
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Photo credit: Adam Latham