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NEW COLLABORATION: High-End Furniture Meets Contemporary Art – a cultural fusion

The world of high-end interior design is about to be transformed by combining it with contemporary art. It is an innovative cultural fusion that brings together BRABBU, a high-end furniture design brand that reflects an intense way of living with VELVENOIR, an international art consultancy, and gallery that works with a global network of art experts on various hospitality, commercial and residential projects.
Together both firms are taking contemporary art out of the white cube space and placing it into high-end interior design concepts to allow collectors and clients to experience art and design in a one-of-a-kind symbiosis. BRABBU & VELVENOIR joined forces in an international partnership with the fundamental goal of disseminating the importance of contemporary art within the design industry.

To show the world how it all comes together, we’ve designed the first Art x Interior – Ambiances which embody the most beautiful and delicate features of both an international array of museum standard established and emerging artists, such Chen Ping, Amelie Ducmmun, Mark Perlman and Ivan Marchuk in a combination with a sophisticated design concept and furniture crafted by the BRABBU team such as Vellum, Maya or Sequoia designs.

All Lifestyle Images combine fierceness and elegance through the techniques used in the artworks and the bold design of each piece. Together they make a statement and allow an innovative and extraordinary experience and perception of interior design and art themselves. The recognition of the value and benefit of this new Art x Interior concept will come to life at Maison & Objet Paris in September.

“Through this collaboration, we are now able to offer clients our diverse art portfolio directly through our international interior design partners. The curated selection of art placed within the design concept invites clients to experience contemporary art in a completely new way. For me, it was essential to collaborate with strong partners, who truly understand the power of contemporary art in design as well as to push the boundaries on how clients experience art.” – Alexandra Schafer, Managing Director VELVENOIR

“At BRABBU we work every day to allow our clients the experience of an intense way of living through contemporary design. We live to celebrate design with friends and we fulfil these hopes and dreams through strong and fierce collaborations. It is important to be able to offer a complete, sensitive and unique experience to those who love and believe in an artistic sense of interior design as lifestyle. This is what motivates me and BRABBU team.” – Sara Lança, Brand Manager BRABBU

The core of this international collaboration is that it offers a wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge of art and design, with the awareness of the strong power art has on the ambiance, sophistication, and personality of a well-designed interior. Therefore, BRABBU offers in-house art consultancy for their international clients together with the international experts from the VELVENOIR Network. VELVENOIR assists the entire team with regards to the art on any residential, commercial or hospitality project.

A designed piece of furniture by BRABBU is much more than a high-end product. Each one, carefully designed, tells a story and transforms the space into a unique atmosphere. Every design embodies fierceness and a powerful sense of refinement. It leads people to a comfortable yet intense way of living. An artwork is unique, something special, a masterpiece of an artist who dedicated his life to this profession, building his career within the art market as well as using various techniques, to make each piece, one of a kind. The artwork suggested by the independent art consultants from VELVENOIR adds character to space and allows a personal and meaningful experience of elegance and sophistication.

This is the start of a new artistic sense and perception of interior design, which is all about providing elegant and unique experiences, bringing together the sophistication of interior design and contemporary art with international expertise, which as a result offers international clients everything from one source.


PRODUCTS: ECLIPSE Wall Lamp W 17 cm | 6.7″ D 18 cm | 7.1″ H 59 cm | 23.2″, Hammered aged brass with matte varnish. IBIS Bench FABRIC: Cotton velvet | LEGS: Ash with walnut stain matte varnish and aged brass details | NAILS: Aged brass ARTWORK: French-Swiss artist Amélie Ducommun has already been shown in over 60 exhibitions worldwide and is represented by an international core of galleries. She was also shortlisted to represent French painting at the 9th Jeux de la Francophonie, in Nice where she won silver medal. Explore more art

Sophisticated art x interior ambiance

PRODUCTS: ESSEX Armchair W 107 cm | 42.1″ D 107 cm | 42.1″ H 82 cm | 32.3″, Fabric: Cotton Velvet | Base Aged Brass matte. MECCA Side Table W 43 cm | 16.9″ D 43 cm | 16.9″ H 60 cm | 23.6″, Top: Marble Nero Marquina | Base: Brushed aged brass. NIKU Floor Lamp W 0 cm | 0″ D 65 cm | 25.6″ H 185 cm | 72.8″, Structure in gold plated brass, shades in gold plated brass and glass. | Base in black marble. ARTWORK: Chen Ping has held solo exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles and has been shown at some international museums and art fairs including Scope NY & Basel and Art Chicago. Explore more art 


PRODUCTS: VELLUM Wall Lamp W 18 cm | 7.1″ D 11 cm | 4.3″ H 66 cm | 26″, Structure in hammered brushed aged brass. VELLUM Suspension Light W 114 cm | 44.9″ D 15 cm | 5.9″ H 9 cm | 3.5″, Structure in hammered brushed aged brass. ARTWORK:  Red Wood by Mark Perlman, completed his bachelor and masters in fine art and received two National Endowment for the Arts personal artist grants. He loves to utilize geometric forms and various color combinations to create his art

BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. With a diverse range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting and rugs, and through sensory design, we pass on a unique experience in every piece we design and produce. With BRABBU you will get more than a design piece: you will get a diversity of spaces filled with memories and unique sensations in perfect harmony with your spaces and your personality. That is why we are the first choice for the most remarkable high-end residential and hospitality projects around the world. BRABBU is present at the world’s most renowned design events with new versatile design products for eclectic environments that foresee the next trends.

VELVENOIR is an art consultancy-agency based in Salzburg, Austria, with the vision to transform spaces into a personal experience by sourcing and displaying original contemporary artwork, with the support and advice of expert consultants. The company has continued to grow internationally and developed itself as a niche agency that focuses on clients in the art, real estate, interior design and hospitality industry. VELVENOIR and its international network seek to develop and execute an art concept that inspires and engages clients through contemporary art. The VELVENOIR network and its resources are truly unique in the world of art. Our network of international and independent art consultants and advisors are dedicated to guiding clients through every stage of this process, and with their passion and knowledge, exceeding all expectations.