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INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER – Real-time Exclusive Art & Design Insights from around the World by the international network of VELVENOIR

Personal insights shared by VELVENOIR’s art and design experts – from every corner of the globe ranging from Melbourne, London, New York to Shanghai and Dubai. The month of August will be an adventure of sharing and educating VELVENOIR’s Instagram followers on all art and design related encounters, to see how diverse and exciting this network is.

There are several upcoming events this month; the IXA in Los Angeles, Art Marbella, The Barn Show in NYC and the David Hockney Retrospective in Paris –  to mention a few – which are taking place all over the world. As a result of such an eventful month of August, VELVENOIR has decided to launch the Instagram Takeover. Each art consultants from the network with now share their experiences with the VELVENOIR Instagram followers – depicting what all the consultants are up to and what art is inspiring them this month in particular.

Artist Atelier visit on Sunday – exploring the mesmerizing pieces by Christian Peschke for upcoming residential and hospitality projects. His art contains mostly female figures which are symbolic in many ways. His art truly celebrates the female body – woman and the female are worshipped through the medium of art. This was one of the painters greatest passions. Exclusive insights by @lexa_ndra for @velvenoir 

Our network consists of a wide range of professionals. Consultants, advisors and curators – everyone contributes and forms a large coherent team, individually creating a valuable asset out of their skills and expertise. As VELVENOIR is fortunate enough to get world-wide perspectives of art professionals, August will now be transformed into the month in which we want to unleash our exclusive insights, exploring the unique art and design around us and sharing our ideas and opinions on what we see. Because we believe art makes a difference, our consultants will keep everyone informed with daily updates and posts which outline our creative experiences.

[ TAKEOVER | ART CONSULTANT INSIGHT ] Report from Art Marbella art fair by Spain & Balearics ambassador @parispalmaartadvisory @artmarbella@aveartgallery artworks by David Rodriguez Cacallero (sculpture), Ismael Lagares (painting) #velvenoirnetwork #velvenoirartconsultant

With the Instagram takeover I wanted to use one of the most influential social media tools to introduce and educate our audience – sharing the latest insights happening within the art world as well as outlining the importance of contemporary art. Together with all the consultants, I am fortunate to have such a great support at a global level to raise awareness and share the importance of art, by making it accessible to anyone.” – Alexandra Schafer, Managing Director – VELVENOIR

The future talent at the annual „Rundgang“ of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany, where students and graduates present their works.
Perfect place for us to scout new faces and offer our clients cutting edge emerging talent from world renown Art Academies |excusive insight from @desislavaeick for @velvenoir