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why we work with original art and no prints...

Original contemporary art, today plays a huge part within the design process. For us, at VELVENOIR and our clients, it defines the story we start working on. An artwork is unique, something special, a masterpiece of an artist who dedicated his life towards this profession, building his career within the industry as well as using various mediums to make each piece one of a kind. It is a journey finding the right piece of art – but it is a journey worth taking, as you walk along you will encounter outstanding pieces that feel like they are a part of you.

At VELVENOIR we make original art available to hospitality, commercial and residential interior design projects.  For us, it is about realizing the story of our clients through art or an entire concept that is delightful, enriching and relevant to the client itself. Through our collaborations, we are fortunate to grow as an international team and offer clients more access to a curated collection of art as well as have partners in place to meet and discuss potential projects.

The difference between integrating an original piece compared to a reproduced painting or print on canvas is the uniqueness. Followed by the story behind the artwork itself, the medium used and the way the artist created it. Not to forget, the connection between the art and client as well as considering that the artwork selected could be an appreciating asset. 

Today a lot of different art consultancy firms and galleries are offering various tools, catalogs, and services to assist you in sourcing and proposing original art for your clients’ project – so do we at VELVENOIR. Online, you are able to source pieces from emerging and established artist based on your clients’ preference. Additionally, we offer our own App, allowing you to integrate selected pieces within your design concept. The idea behind is to show the client, how the artwork impacts the space.

When it comes down to proposing art, it is very personal. However, in a world, where time is limited and a personal approach appreciated – clients will welcome the fact, you will assist them finding their personal statement for their home and take the extra step for them. Keeping in mind, acquiring art should happen organically and shouldn’t be forced. We at VELVENOIR have been working with various boutique firms. Some of the designers start their entire concept based on the artwork chosen together with their clients.

For them, art is the heart and soul of their interior design project. Therefore, Starting with the design dialogue, art is integrated right from the start. Those projects developed by those firms are certainly mesmerizing to look at. Followed by clients specifically hiring them due to their unique approach to breaking boundaries within the concept through the artwork selected. Art for them is the beating heart of every project they take on and we love assisting those firms in finding those unique pieces for their clients.

In a world where you can find millions of artworks from prints to limited editions from paintings up to bespoke artwork – the market reached its full potential with regards to finding art. However, placing one of a kind artwork within your concept makes an impact at the designed space. Instead of placing various different reproductions – such as prints which don’t come along with a unique story, medium, artist biography and build vita throughout the years.

The last ten years have seen incredible changes in the art world and due to those changes – VELVENOIR has partnered with best-in-class experts across the globe. Each partner shares the belief that art can bring not only a deeper and more meaningful experience, to the design, but also adds value to the property itself. Additionally, we assist interior designers in their day-to-day business in sourcing and proposing original art for their clients through our art online concierge service CURATED FINE ART ON DEMAND”.


The network behind VELVENOIR entails international art consultants, advisors, and curators, which were carefully selected based on their expertise, experience, and entrepreneurial approach to business. Thinking differently, being nimble, and always approachable are the core values of our team. This fresh outlook enables us to deliver outstanding results as we partner with you and our clients in the end-to-end process of acquiring and displaying art. We pair technology with our personalized service to allow the client to understand our vision in the clearest possible terms. Our personalized approach tailors each concept to you and your clients’ needs and requirements. We are able to access artwork from across the globe, in every form and medium, and offer commissioned artwork for the property. We work with best-in-class vendors to ensure the project logistics are executed seamlessly – because we believe that art makes a difference.

...because art makes a difference


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