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Passion meets professionalism

“Kunstsammeln unterscheidet sich vom Kunstkauf – das Erwerben von  Kunst prägt die Art und Weise, wie wir sehen, erkunden und leben.”

Velvenoir entdeckt außergewöhnliche Kunst- und Designimpulse an verschiedensten Orten und arbeitet dafür mit einem exklusiven Netzwerk zusammen. Ermöglicht wird dies durch viele tolle Menschen, die an Ihre Ideen gesamtkonzeptionell und professionell herangehen. Bereichert werden die Gestaltungslösungen mit internationalen, richtungsweisenden Künstlern und ihren verschiedenartigen Arbeiten.
Die ‘zielbewusste Ausstattung eines Raumes’ (f.) unterstützen wir in ähnlichem Sinne wie es die 21 secessionistischen Künstler bereits 1902 zur XIV. Weltausstellung umsetzten: das Ineinandergreifen von Kunst, Architektur und Musik/Poesie erfüllt die menschliche Sehnsucht nach Glück und führt in einen atmosphärisch idealen Raum. Stadt – Raum – Wir: kann immer wieder eine neue Herausforderung sein, ist dadurch aber auch Chance auf Verortung und die referenzielle Besinnung nach Innen.  Gestalten Sie mit uns und unseren Partnern, Ihren idealen Raum und eine Atmosphäre, die Sie glücklich macht -weil Kunst einen Unterschied macht!
(c) Merten Riesner_Alexandra Schafer

Alexandra Schafer, the driving force behind VELVENOIR and the international network, brings her passion for contemporary art and hospitality into the company. Her exposure to richly diverse cultures informs her entire approach and unique ability to translate each client´s desire into a tailored art collection proposed by her and her team. She gained invaluable experiences and insights throughout her years living in London and Sydney and brings those unique elements and inspirations within her work today. Throughout the years, she worked for companies such as Four Seasons, David Jones, Merivale, HSBC, Sportsworld, The Star Sydney and many other boutique hotels.

Alexandra Schafer
Managing Director / Art Consultant
Eva Leopoldi _ Velvenoir PR

“My passion for art – drives me to develop mesmerizing concepts with the team to exceed our client’s expectations.”

Eva Leopoldi
PR Manager
Joy profile new

Joy van der Splinter is a partner in Dutch Luxury Design and manages the portfolio of outstanding artworks. Joy loves to have personal contact with the artists and does her utmost to represents their interests. She enjoys being a part of a team participating at international fairs and events were to experience original pieces of art. Dutch Luxury Design works exclusively for the interior design branch in Europe with Velvenoir. Joy supports the team of Velvenoir by answering questions and handling logistics for all enquiries related for the Dutch artists represented. As a young girl she moved from Holland to Spain and speaks Dutch, Spanish and English fluently.

Joy van der Splinter
Art Consultant Netherlands
Portrait Claire n&b

Claire Alliot Soto

Claire Alliot Soto has collaborated with different recognized contemporary art centres, galleries and cultural magazines since 2010. She gained her consultancy experience at Laurence Dreyfus Art Consulting in Paris, managing a number of high profile private collections and dealing with blue chip galleries and established artists. Now based between France and Mallorca, she established her own art consultancy: Paris Palma art advisory. With a focus in contemporary and emerging art, Claire sources unique artworks for her private and corporate clients. In Mallorca, she collaborates with Swedish real estate and interior company Palma Markets, and introduces exclusive artworks to the brand’s unique interior projects.
Claire Alliot Soto
Art consultant & Advisor

Tiina Koivulahti

Tiina Koivulahti, our partner for RECENART®, the European art research center in Finland. She and her team offer unique on-site, as well as portable, analytical services for the art world. RECENTART built on the infrastructure of the University of Jyväskylä, RECENART® has its foundation in the synergy of experienced art historians and innovative scientists. We provide concrete and unbiased research results about works of art, ceramics and archaeological objects.

Tiina Koivulahti

Karolina Blasiak

Karolina is an independent art consultant and advisor based in Paris, working collectively with team members and clients in strategizing, growing and supporting their existing collections and helping constitute new ones. Graduated magna cum laude from Adam Mickiewicz University with a Master  of Arts in linguistics and art history. She also has a Masters in Business Administration from the Montpellier Business School. Her prior research focused on art market pricing in relation to artist’s branding. Capitalizing on her past experience with contemporary and modern art galleries in New York and Paris she is focusing on expanding advisory services for artists, estates and foundations as well as luxury hotels and private clients. Karolina speaks fluently French, German, English, Polish and Russian.

Karolina Blasiak
Art Consultant & Advisor Blue Chip Art - Europe
Alexander Collins_VELVENOIR Intern

Alexander Collins

Alexander joined our VELVENOIR team to assist the consultants behind our international network on various art consultancy and art collection management tasks. He received a BA in History at Royal Holloway, University of London and completed his Master in Decorative Arts and Historic Interiors at the University of Buckingham. Alexander specialised in the history of art collecting, patronage and the eighteenth-century Grand Tour. He has assisted with historic building conservation and heritage consultancy projects and worked as Editor for an architectural cataloguing project with the Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England.

Alexander Collins
London Art Consultancy Assistant

Antonia Hoelke

Antonia Hoelke was initially foremost interested and active in the performing arts, however her Gap Year – which was enriched through travelling, language courses and first experiences in marketing – triggered an undeniably strong passion for the visual arts. Whilst being a current management student at the London School of Economics, she spends her available time attending private art talks, exhibitions and gallery openings. Antonia is intrigued by how the art market landscape will evolve with increasing social media usage, as she has met several artists from across the world as a result of these networks. Through her international up-bringing and cultural awareness, she is fascinated by the varying importance of art across sectors and regions.

Antonia Hoelke
Art Consultancy Assistant - London


Our additional art Support in the office