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Property Development with art

In today´s high-end property development markets, clients expect delivery of exceptional interior design concepts that incorporate objects and installations that serve as both aesthetic and financial assets. Artwork is increasingly being incorporated into private interiors, and research has shown that it adds (on average) and additional 3% to the value of a property. VELVENOIR recognises this potential, and has developed a specialised team that is able to propose and design contemporary art collections around premium properties.

Property brief

Before starting each project, our team requires to gain full insights into the property brief which includes specification on the planned interiors and budget requirements. 

Art Concept Proposal

According to our clients requirements, the team drafts an art concept tailored to the proposed interior design concept – to add harmony and value to the property as well as make a personal statement for the buyer.

Installation / Management

As soon as the concept got confirmed by the property developers, we will place the art as proposed and take care of the entire management process before buyers can view it. It is essential for us to work professional and descreet on each development.

One of the key factors driving this artistic revolution is the growing global enthusiasm for contemporary art, a market that has rapidly become the behemoth of the property and design world. Nowadays, those who buy the most expensive property will frequently also have incredible art collections, art collections that have been collected over the years but even those who own their own collection tend to see the property as suitable, since art hanging already in the building – reflects their own interests.

VELVENOIR acknowledges this drastic change and put´s a specialized team who works together, to propose and integrate as well as showcase the art in high-end properties within an overall concept to be purchased by the buyer. Through the international portfolio of emerging and established artists – VELVENOIR honors and guards selected artworks but also ensures that it is fully integrated into the domestic life of the collector to express the characters of the collectors and reflect their own feelings about their artworks. Our art concept bows to the overall atmosphere and personality of the collectors who are purchasing those properties.


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