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Title: No. 18
Medium: Oil on wood panel – antique frame
Size: 106 x 151 cm
Price: Upon request

About the artwork: In the art of Christian Peschke female figures are symbolic in several ways: as the primeval earth-mother behind all life and existence, woman occupies a central position in the cosmos. Qualities ascribed to her include strength, power, passion, vitality and common sense, and she preserves these for the good of humanity. The female is also the objective of the great explorers: Odysseus, Faust or Peer Gynt all return to the refuge provided by woman. In history, the female has often been robbed of its authenticity and damaged, either by being idealised and worshipped as something sublime (woman as goddess) or by being degraded into a mere object (woman as prostitute).  In Peschke’s art, the female body is celebrated – woman and the female are worshipped through the medium of art. This is one of the painter’s great passions.

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