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Here you will find complete press information about VELVENOIR, our projects and services. Press Releases can be downloaded directly.  If you’re looking for some specific content or high resolution images, please contact Eva Leopoldi for further informations.

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Eva Leopoldi – eva@velvenoir.com

At VELVENOIR our raison d-etre is about unfolding the potential of art as an investment, as an identity, and as an experience. Providing bespoke art advisory and consultancy services to collectors, designers, project managers and property developers in respect of their hospitality, residential and commercial projects, across the globe in collaboration with an international network of art and hospitality experts.

We at VELVENOIR combine an infinitely strong passion for original art with strategic concepts and expertise, to deliver first-class bespoke art consultancy and advisory services across the globe. We work with our clients as a team and materialise their vision into a tailored creative and original art collection – taking into account all aspects of the financial and aesthetic requirements, without exception.

Founded in the heart of Salzburg, Austria, by Alexandra Schafer, with the vision to transform spaces into a personal experience by sourcing and displaying original contemporary artwork, with the support and advice of expert consultants. The company has continued to grow internationally and developed itself as a niche agency that focuses on clients in the art, real estate, interior design and hospitality industry. VELVENOIR and its international network seek to develop and execute an art concept that inspires and engages clients through contemporary art.  It is of utmost importance to us at VELVENOIR to share the significance that original art has and how it transforms a space into having a mood, tone and atmosphere. By helping our clients chose and acquire art, we endeavour to enhance their interiors into fully developed, aesthetic and emotional experiences.

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