VELVENOIR and its international network launch an international art concierge – to assist interior designers and their HNWI clients with sourcing, acquiring and installing art for residential projects.

The art market is a complex, opaque and unregulated market, and is now more dynamic and global than ever, and with increasing amounts of clients looking to acquire contemporary or blue chip art pieces during the interior design process. Interior Designers seek to fulfill these needs and therefore, the international VELVENOIR network of art experts from now on offer an international art concierge, which allows interior designers to reach out and discuss any inquiries their clients may have.

For VELVENOIR – A signature collection is born solely from a collector′s individual mind and eye. After understanding the collector′s interests, tastes and goals, the art consultant embark on locating the highest caliber artwork available.

The process of the offered art concierge is simple – interior designers contact VELVENOIR and share their clients’ requirements for the art requested. Based on those requirements the team will introduce one of their art consultants based on expertise and location, to meet the client in person and discuss the proposed art collection together with the client and interior designer. After confirming a bespoke art selection, the consultant acquires the art on behalf of the client. The consultant also takes care of framing, installing and insuring the art within the clients’ property as requested.

The consultants within the VELVENOIR network work solely in the service of its collectors and client, offering objective advice and assisting them in sourcing the perfect artwork for their home. Integrity and transparency with the highest attention to privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to our network.

For us, it is important, that our clients understand their art selection is all about them. We slowly assist in sourcing and making art globally available to them – show them pieces they might like and especially assist aspiring collectors on the entire way to ensure they found an artist/artwork worth investing.

We curate monthly art collections and have exclusive artworks available from international emerging and established artists. We view this as a strong asset, as we are able to supply our clients immediately. By showing them what we have in stock and based on what they like, we are able to either acquire one of the pieces of our collections or source additional art, based on what they´ve seen.

For us and our clients, acquiring art is a personal experience – one which we love to be a part of, by seeing how we are able to transform properties from our clients HNWI clients into tailored interior spaces.


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