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Enchant your hotel with an unique art concept that not only brings you more exposure, engage your guests but also grows as an investment within your company.

Boutique hotels these days are constant growing within the hospitality market. Each one entails a unique art and design concept to inspire and engage their clients. A major question arises, what is behind those unique created concepts? Experts, passion and connoisseurship of art and the right approach to tailoring each concept based on the design concept and hotel brands mission. Key within this very art concept is to engage the client right before entering the hotel – with the right concept you pick your clients up and guide them through their stay. Therefore a thoughtful integration of technology paired with distinctive art mediums and cutting edge one of kind pieces from emerging to establish artist is where it all starts for your guests. In order to tailor a unique and unforgettable guest experience, it is all about the design concept in context with the right art concept.

Photo credit / Courtesy of artist – Images featured in this blog are supporting the vision and inspiration within this blog only. Featured artists are: Olivia Steele (1) / Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano (2) / SOO SUNNY PARK (3) 

Why does the selected art concept matter that much within hotels today? Every artwork is not only unique, it also entails a story that inspires the viewer and shall engage future conversations. Not to forget to always keep in mind the social media aspect, as each guest loves to share their special experiences in places they have stayed – art triggers something that guests find worth sharing with their friends and loved ones.

Therefore, set your hotel experience right from the start to impact your guest when arriving. Bring the history and rich background and fabric of those together through an energetic mix of original artworks and installations. The first point of contact for each of your guests is the lobby area. This area decides for the arriving guests on how they perceive and feel about your hotel and their stay. Don’t be afraid to make this area as unique and personal as possible. Integrate an eclectic mix of modern and contemporary art mediums, that reflects your hotels’ mission and vision.

Photo credit / Courtesy of artist – Images featured in this blog are supporting the vision and inspiration within this blog only. Featured artists are: Daniel Ashram (1) / Jean-Michel Othoniel (2) / Diana Al Hadid (3) / Bradley Sabin (4)

The next part is the hotel rooms and suits, instead of designing each room the same way. Be different, show your guests that the stay within your hotel is tailored to a unique experience- your own hotel experience! When the guest had the chance to decide when booking a room for which of the one of a kind designed rooms he/she wants to stay in it makes them feel special from the booking until arriving at the one of a kind designed room. To make each room unique it shouldn’t be just a different artwork in place, each room shall offer many quirks and nuances that add a beguiling intrigue to the guest accommodation accompanied with the story behind each art x design concept.
It is recommended to chose the art and key design pieces prior to starting the design concept as it leads to the story of each room your guests will stay. Remember it is about a tailored experience, that is why your guests stay in your hotel to explore and discover a trendy lifestyle. Keeping in mind to select the art to engage and inspire the guest during their stay, invite them to interact and share the experience in your hotel. Play with different design elements as well as the buildings historical and eccentricities to execute an edgier environment for your guests.


Photo credit / Courtesy of: Evan Roth (1) / David-Alexandre Chanel and Jonathan Richer’s (2) / Carlos Amorales (3)  / Olivia Steele (4) *please note those images are inspirations to the topic discussed within this blog post

Boutique hotels are created for a reason, the growing demand of clients to not just stay in a hotel for the fact of staying there – guests want to play, work, enjoy and experience a thoughtful hotel concept with elements that inspire and engage them and this is where the focus on fine art and design comes in that shifts the entire experience. Those hotels, shouldn’t focus purely on the luxury aspect more of the uniqueness of each concept executed in various areas that celebrates the unusual for each guest. Individuality is another key component that has to be incorporated to the design and art concept.

In conclusion, to stand out within the rapid growing hospitality market, your hotel has to offer a unique concept focused on an engaging experience pairing, design, fine art and technology. The right concept brings the space alive and grants you more exposure without investing in further PR or marketing tools, plus the art is an growing investment that doesn’t lose its worth over the years which makes it another attractive resource for your hotel and firm.


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