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ELYSIAN & DUENDE - interior projects that tell a story

Welcome back to another W&P Blog entry – today we are sharing again our selected projects from international interior designers> Elysian & Duende < The main focus lies on integrating original art within their clients interior concept. It is our way, showing that art is so much more than decoration for your wall – it is a personal investment for anyone and it’s great to see how interior designers are aware of that fact. Therefore, we’ve selected various projects were outsourced pieces of art placed within a concept to tailor the story of design even more to their clients and we have the opportunity sharing them with you.

But, why do we call it Elysian & Duende?

The team and myself have been looking for words that describe our current project best and have never been used in the context of art and interior design. We needed strong words, that are able to communicate the power of art within the interior design concept. Our message with this, is that ART shouldn’t be seen as a piece of deco, to cover up a white walls. For us, ART is so much more! Art is a personal statement, an investment for yourself and where else would you place it if not at home? Take a tour with us and discover unique projects featuring that exact experience. Art and interior design has to be experienced and that is why we love featuring those projects. To share an insight of how you and your interior designer can make your personal statement even more outstanding, by using original art or fine art photographs that enchant any room.

Interior Design Projects featured this month...


The difference lies in the details, looking through the portfolio of NODA DESIGNS is already an experience for itself. Exploring the approach used when placing art within those concepts – some may consider this a unique compositon of art. A passion for art, interior design and tailoring each project to the client’s needs in that way I would like to describe NODA Designs. A firm that stands for for elegance, individuality, personality and sophistication.

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Art and Interior Design meets Hospitality – it’s time to open up and discover outstanding projects by AK Design Network. A firm, developing outstanding projects with focus of integrating art right where it should be, the centerpiece for clients to experience, interact and discuss. Believes in process of creating, Kim is renowned for her strategic, multidisciplinary and yet sensory driven design. Kim’s sophisticated eye for innovation and luxury attracts enviable collaborations with most exciting and creative leaders around the world.

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…the last Interior Designer we feature today is Mila Podiablonska and her projects from  > Absolute Interior Decor < She uses an unique approach to make any home a place where you can be utterly yourself thanks to a perfectly balanced functional layout and style of the interior. She chooses a combination of natural colour palette, textural contrast, lighting and well considered accessories as well as art, that creates elegance and comfort to the home. For her style is often expressed in the details. A room without the final details will never look or feel finished.

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Do you have a project, showcasing unique art and interior design concepts? Please get in touch with us via info@velvenoir.com – we are always looking for interior designers who are passionate creating unique projects for their clients in-cooperating original art.