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Eppe de Haan is a Dutch painter, draftsman and sculptor who was born in Arnhem, Holland in 1949. These are just labels that are used in an attempt to define the artist. For the artist, a brush, a pencil or a chisel are just tools to achieve a goal, because during the authentic artistic process the characteristics of each discipline interlock and form an inseparable unity. Eppe’s primary expression tools are marble, bronze and sometimes wood, because despite the labor-intensive process of sculpting, these naturally impermeable materials are the best conductors of his vision of the driving creative urge.

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  • The Hague
  • Amsterdam
  • Doorn, Hoorn
  • Hazerswoude
  • Wageningen
  • Utrecht
  • Eefde and Roermond
  • Holland
  • University of Leicester, England
  • Pietrasanta, Italy.