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Velvenoir and the team behind it aims to create compelling, individually tailored art concepts that elevate the calibre of each design project you may present us. The curatorial expertise of our team allows us to develop outstanding contemporary art collections for corporate clients. Our team knows that it is essential to respond expertly to the specific needs of our clients, drawing out the themes that a company wants to express through their collection and providing dynamic ways to engage employees and audiences alike.

Alexandra Schafer and her team have an innate ability to take a specific genre of artwork and position it directly in the appropriate setting. By focusing on both interior design and artist representation, a unique synergy between the two disciplines is established, enabling a given space to reach its full potential. A client’s space experiences a cohesion that successfully marries harmony and functionality. No other art consultancy offers this unique expertise.

Velvenoir’s main goal is to bring talented artists together with connoisseurs of art, as well as provide the latter with access to top-notch paintings, drawings, sculptures and other art. You’ll have an opportunity to look through numerous artworks at any time without leaving your office and you can simply discuss it with your team at any meeting.

Velvenoir saves you time from having to source artwork for multiple projects by providing you an exclusive digital catalogue. Our unique app allows you to integrate your current project using our extensive art collection. From public artwork for a commercial client to one-of-kind, high-end design elements for residential clients, Velvenoir covers it all.




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A great project requires a personal statement, an orginal touch in combination with a unique concept. We aim to develop together with our partners outstanding art&interior design projects and share this unique connection of art and interior design through VELVENOIR. We are transparent with whom we work, we share insights, projects and more to build a strong platform offering a curated content for our clients and share the expertise of our partners with our audience.