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Welcome to VELVENOIR

VELVENOIR, founded by Alexandra Schafer, is an international art consultancy and gallery working with an international network of art consultants, advisors and curators. From early on, the company has grown into a reputable, niche agency in the art world focusing on clients in the art and design industry. Through international collaborations, VELVENOIR and its network assist interior design firms as an in-house art consultancy. The network consistently works with talented international emerging and established artists, across a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

The network and VELVENOIR curate and share monthly art collections to supply interior designers and their clients with contemporary art. The shared vision behind VELVENOIR’s concept is to promote art as an experience that enriches and engages clients and art collectors in a different way. This has led VELVENOIR to partner with major development firms to add a unique and valuable experience in various properties as well as incorporating art assets into the design concept of private estates.

The VELVENOIR network aims at balancing the design concept of interior projects through a well-curated contemporary art collection, which reflects the client’s values. The vision behind the firm is to transform spaces into a personal experience, in sourcing and incorporating the art into the design concept with an international network backing up the entire process. This means clients and collectors can work directly with the art consultant on their project, whilst the network assists the consultant during the entire process to ensure an outstanding outcome that exceeds client expectations.


Tailored art concept to enhance the hotel brand experience for guests

Monthly fine art collection shared with interior designers and teams to integrate in projects

Art Consultancy for private or corporate art Collection

Collection Management

Residential / Commercial Projects

Art Advisory

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