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the ixa - official opening

The IXA experience launched on the 24th of August in an exclusive venue in Venice, LA. The entire IXA is much more than just a design concept incorporated into an interior venue – rather, it invites people to encounter and immerse themselves in a fusion of seemingly distant concepts, by involving art, interior design and technology elements.

As for the location – Venice is known for being the colourful, vibrant and young beachfront area in Los Angeles. The infamous Ocean Front Walk is only one of many places which show off the unmistakable Venice vibe and crowd. From musical performances, art and outside sports to vendors and mystics playing tricks, there is always something that keeps a crowd entertained on the boardwalk of Venice Beach. The area also has strong links in the artistic scene, many note-worthy artists have had their studios located in the neighbourhood, including Jean Michel-Basquiat, Ed Ruscha and John Baldessari. Through these distinctive characteristics of the area, no location could have been more appropriate for introducing an innovative and exciting art, design and technology concept.

The IXA is a collaboration between Velvenoir founder Alexandra Schafer, West Coast Art Consultant Alex Ray and LA-based interior designer Jennifer Ridel. Together, the trio has developed a seamless concept and staged the beautiful venue, built by Parrish-Roback Development, with the acclaimed Griffin-Enright Architects. The specifically developed IXA app introduces the technological aspect. Instead of solely experiencing the house and its’ art and furniture in person, this app enables people to have a virtual walk through the venue, accompanied by detailed descriptions of all objects and offering the option to purchase any item on display.

In the hallway located in the entrance, one is encountered by the first pieces of original art – a piece by the NY-based artist Fernando Mastrangelo and another by Martin Bialas. These two stunning art works complement each other, inviting guests to enter the venue. When arriving at the living room and dining area, black and white artworks catch ones’ attention – James Porschen’s sculpture and fine art photography, as well as by Jock McDonald’s photography prints. Amongst the other vibrant and expressive artworks – which have been carefully curated to suit not only the venue itself, but rather, to equally reflect the entire Venice vibe and atmosphere – are works by Hugh Mendes, Javiera Estrada and Zachary Eastwood Bloom. Colourful and large artworks are by Hiroko Yoshimoto, Jenner Beach, David Llyod and Nike Schröder, exploring the energy of the space and venue – whilst more monochrome and elegant pieces are represented by the artists John Mayberry, Amir Zaki, Peter Dreyfuss and Liz Robb. The constellation of all of these carefully curated pieces of art within the design concept and the divine selection of furniture mesh together, creating an unquestionably unique ambiance which emphasises everything the IXA stands for – innovation, uniqueness and elegance.

The opening has attracted a large variety of people. Throughout the night guests such as Raymond Yang, Erinn Valencich, Kevin Crow, Art Collector Kes Narbutas, Melissa Partridge, Jessica Katz, Margo Rey and  Sarah JP Maxwell and many more – all differing in cultural backgrounds, style and professions – however, something which appears to be a common factor, is the interest in diving into an experience which incorporates different concepts, all under one roof. This has sparked many fascinating conversations and through engaging events such as the IXA, we at Velvenoir continue to highlight and encourage the symbiotic relationship between original art, interior design and technology.

“ A truly great collaboration and fusion of art, interior design and technology.- bringing dynamic art into the interior that is tailored to the locale were great fun. I thoroughly enjoyed creating a “Venice” beach vibe with sophistication for the discerning buyer. “ – Alex Ray, VELVENOIR Art Consultant

“ The IXA opening was a true success, invited clients enjoyed the curated art and design concept and love the app while exploring the featured pieces in the IXA house in combination of a glass of wine or Gin Cocktail – I´m very proud on what we´ve accomplished and I do believe everyone who joined us for the opening had a great time “ Alexandra Schafer, Managing Director – VELVENOIR


Furniture Brands such as Carl Hanson & Son, BRABBU, Modern Resale, Foundation, Palvesky, Studio Lifestyle, Nido, Patrick Caine, Sabin La, Twentieth and JF Chen.

Exhibiting Artists

The sponsors of the opening night: Mullholand Spirits / Gifted Taste / CABCORP Wines and Paleocollective

Photo credit: (c) Adam Latham /  (c) Kaelan Barowsky

App Developer Paolo Schmidt