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The financial jargon „blue chip“ was coined in the Twenties when a Dow Jones journalist Oliver Gingold used it to describe expensive shares which held their value, a reference to poker chips (of which blue is usually the most valuable). A few decades later art became a commodity and the same phrase is attributed to artists with great value who produce work that’s expected to increase hold or increase its value. Early blue chip artists are the infants, the fresh young talents who show signs of possible linear or exponential re-sale growth. The irony is that they won’t see these secondary profits. Their new work, however, will definitely sell for more.

At Velvenoir,we believe in collecting art not only for investment purposes, but also for art’s intrinsic value. We measure that value in many ways. We consider the work’s value to the artist, who made it with the sincere intention of producing a work of high quality. We consider its value to us, the viewers, who through the work receive an opportunity for transcendence, or aesthetic wonder. Regardless of the general economic conditions, the value of sincere intentions, aesthetic wonder and transcendent experience never declines.

We want to deliver the best piece to each collector and create an experience of joy and lifestyle which is beyond a price tag but at the same time deliver best and unique piece of art with extraordinary provenance and value.


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