By the sea in Zadar, Croatia an exclusive beach villa was built and designed by steininger.designers with an authentic art collection curated by VELVENOIR

Monochrom und monolithisch legt sich das Gebäude mit einzigartiger Fassade in die leichte Hanglage hinein und öffnet sich zum adriatischen Meer. © STEININGER.DESIGNERS GmbH

Location Zadar. The port city on the Croatian coast is known for crystal clear water, fine beaches, historical sights – and now has a new treasure.  STEININGER implemented a private vacation home. From architecture to interior design to garden design the Austrian company was responsible for everything and we were able to accompany the design team around the subject of contemporary art and it’s clients. What is special: Every detail is perfectly coordinated by the interior design, under the direction of Jürgen Hamberger and the art selection and procurement  from Alexandra Schafer.

Perry Roberts isn’t finished – especially with his own oeuvre.Roberts’ works mark a departure from the post-minimalist tradition both in shape and in colour. A recurring motif across most of his new works, the diagonal forges a subtle break with the movement’s uncompromising, hard-edged rectangles. Roberts exchanges this strict, straight line for a slightly tilted movement that nonetheless does not dominate the work. The diagonal line also draws viewers closer; especially in combination with the natural materials and sombre colours, the presentation is grounded and appeals to viewers with an eye for detail.

What characterises the art of painting? Not all the new works contain paint – this is Roberts’ way of questioning the fundamentals of painting. He looks beyond the surface and investigates the DNA of the canvas at a more profound level; he unveils the underlying structures of the painting tradition. The empty canvas, as the basic condition for conventional painting, is ignored and replaced with a new, constructed structure. Out of a ‘non-canvas’ with ‘non-colours’, Perry Roberts fashions an ‘un-finished’ painting.

“It was important for us to put together an authentic collection of contemporary art by local and international artists for the client to enjoy on a daily basis. We’ve selected works that are inspiring  on the one hand and on the other complement the feel-good atmosphere of interior design. “


The works by the British photographer Jonathan Smith consist of large-format, very nuanced color photographs that represent the ephemeral and transformative beauty of the landscape.

Authentic: The villa blends into the surroundings, the garden design is as well thought out as the interior. © STEININGER.DESIGNERS GmbH

Inside and outside, from the facade to the smallest detail, the beach villa F impresses with its design from a single cast. Taking into account the interior design concept and materials used, we selected works that combine a harmonious interplay of art and design. In constant dialogue with the collector, a holistic work of art was created considering and co-ordinating the smallest detail.


Sea, outdoor and indoor areas – everything merges in the extravagant beach villa into a dreamlike private oasis. © STEININGER.DESIGNERS GmbH

Alfred Haberpointner (* 1966 in Salzburg) is an internationally recognized sculptor. He became known for his wooden sculptures and further expanded his work to deal with materials such as steel, lead and paper. Alfred Haberpointner’s deep attachment to the material wood has biographical roots. He grew up in the Salzburg region and started collecting wood, examining it and shaping it at an early age. The texture-giving way of working of his technique becomes more and more important. Spacious objects and wall sculptures with expressive surface structures and colors are created by the artist.

Johannes Weinsheimer’s photographs are an expression of his visual perception of the environment. The works were created on his trips to the USA, Italy and Germany. The transition from realism to abstractness immerses the viewer in the artist’s own visual world. By reducing complexity to abstract shapes and colors, the artist creates emotional and meditative moments.

STEININGER was responsible for the luxury home, from architecture to interior design to garden design as well as interior and furnishings. Every detail is perfectly coordinated and bears the design signature of the Austrian label. © STEININGER.DESIGNERS GmbH

Once the finishing touches have been made, the residents are not simply released into their domicile. Rather, they are introduced to the new world, get to know their home and its functions, possibilities and special features in the company of those who have created it, with passion, commitment and dedication. 






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