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GEORGIA EZRA on Art & Interior Design

  1. Can you please share some general information about your business? Can you tell me when and where it was established, and what your expertise is?

„The way a family lives, breathes and uses their environment is of utmost importance… „

I’m Georgia Ezra, an interior architect and Director of Melbourne based interior design practice GABBE and artisan tiles purveyors Tile of Ezra. A treasure hunter and market-maven at heart, I search the globe for inspiration and resources from a range of exotic cultures. I am experienced and passionate about pushing the boundaries of modern design and creating spaces that enlighten and inspire everyday.


  1. What makes your business unique to your industry?

My philosophy is simple–I am devoted to educating, motivating and inspiring others to create the most empowering, healthy and beautiful homes. I believe in crafting spaces that affect our senses, spirit and mood in such a way that our internal and spiritual heath is elevated.

I am a strong advocate that there is no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to interior design–just design unique to you– your design! I work to empower my clients to trust his/her unique aesthetic and to have fun creating the home they always desired.


  1. How important do you consider original art within your concept?

We are not Robots, and so our homes should not be rerated in an identical manner. Each home has a different end user with his or her own unique aesthetic, tastes experiences and love for art.. For this reason Art should be original for each client. I believe that there is something so incredibly refreshing and powerful to know that the piece hung on your own wall is exclusive to you, reflecting and feeding from the exact space it wits within.

  1. Do your clients expect from you to come up with an entire plan on interior design which incorporates proposed artworks?

If we are partaking in the full furniture package we absolutely will be expected to and wish to partake in the selection of art. From Sculpture to curated pieces or selections of ready made items. We also assist in using specific art the clients already have and reframing them giving a new leg on life for those pieces. Sometimes the actual art is incredibly interesting and stunning however the frame its sits within doesn’t best showcase the unit. With a simple reframe you can make a vast difference!

  1. What has been your biggest challenge in the industry to date?

My clients are wonderful and come to me for unique outcomes. However, I have friends in the industry who have problems with trying to do anything different and bespoke/unique with many clients wishing to copy homes of well known Australians celebrities or what they see on television programs or magazines. Luckily I have clients who like to celebrate their own journeys and unique narratives and allow me to draw that out from them in the interior design of their home.

  1. What is the key criteria for you to select the artworks?

This is such a tough question, as I never work through specific criteria as such. Just like design there is not such thing as right or wrong, Selecting Art is so personal. However I always respond to the general aesthetic vibe, colour scheme that I have employed throughout, as this completely directs me in saying yes or no to pieces that we search through. Tonal qualities and colour however are huge aspects to consider with this, it is not solely about you loving the art piece but how it integrates aesthetically into the design of the home, which it will nest. So I tend to show clients a large variety of options that does this well. I also always consider the size of the piece to dictate my search. Sometimes I just know the wall needs a monster, something dramatic striking and large. At other times I feel subtle and eclectic is more suitable – a wall of 10-20 pieces uniquely framed and clustered together

  1. Do you collect art yourself? If so, what art can be found in your home?

The art within my home are always unique pieces that I have collected throughout my journeys, travels and overseas trips. I frame and hang unique textures and fabrics that have their own story as well as hand knitted macramé. The art throughout my home always takes on a memory or a narrative and are not usually monetary collectables, they tell unique stories curated and specially selected for the space they nest.

  1. What are the biggest changes you have seen in the industry since you first started?

With television shows that allow the general public to design and renovate, I think there has been a huge shift in higher expectations in the end result. What was before something only designers could achieve, we are now seeing similar results from the general community on the screen. Unfortunately, this isn’t always realistic and as a result many find out half way through they need professional help.

In saying all of this I think it has brought about a massive momentum in clients who are far more interested in seeing unique detailing within their interior jobs. They are propelled for something amazing everytime and extremely unique to their own space.

  1. As an interior designer, what trends do you see coming up with regards to art and interior design?

Going into 2017 I absolutely see Australians far more interested in using Handmade products and steering away from the massed produced Especially when it comes to art. This would certainly be seen in the creative use of materials and textures to create walls of art as opposed to hanging art – ultimately integrating these materials into the interior design of homes.

I also see Australians being more adventurous and unique in their styling selections and instead of following a trend or guideline listening to their own intuition, unique aesthetic and what genuinely excites them. Trusting themselves with styling and colour selections and generally being more courageous with how they style their homes. This lending itself to a more timeless end-result than one set on a trend for the year which doesn’t speak to the family or provide an experiential design for that specific home.

  1. Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to start their career as a property developer?

My main advice would be to make sure you have done your research before taking a plunge. This is an extremely tricky industry and so many things can go wrong, your gambling with huge risks, unknowns and on top of this you are completely reliant on the property industry which is so unstable at the best of times! Think your decision through thoroughly and always assume the worst. It’s easy to assume and imagine the best outcome because that’s what we hope for, so if we always facture in a failure rate – which can absolutely be a possibility – then we are at least allowing a more realistic view on projects undertaken.

Interior Designer - Georgia Ezra


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