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Maria Luisa Hernandez has carved out an internationally acclaimed career spanning a variety of countries from her native Chile, to Sweden and the UK. Maria studied for her BA degree at the University of Chile. Soon after she won a scholarship to exhibit in Stockholm (the European Capital of Culture at the time) with a collection of paintings entitled ‘Living in the Light.’ Maria was initially inspired by her father’s passion for painting the Chilean coastline. And soon she too developed an extraordinary eye to paint and connect with the natural beauty that surrounded her.

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2009 The Future 500 Rising Stars, The Observer & Courvoisier
1997 Grant from the Chilean Foreign Office

2014 Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, Summer Exhibition
2013 Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, Solo Show
2012 Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, 30 Years, London
2011 Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, Solo Show, London
2011 Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, Spring, Kensington
2011 Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, Abstraction, London
2010 Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, Solo Show, London
2011 The Royal College Of Arts, London
2010 Cricket Fine Art, Chelsea
2010 20/21 British Art Fair