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Linda Cosgrove's study of the Old Masters and their techniques has become the foundation for her art


This December, we were invited to visit the fine art painter Linda Cosgrove in her atelier located in San Rafael. Alex Ray, one of our West Coast Art Advisors and I visited the studio to see her mesmerizing artworks first hand. Enjoy our discoveries and read more about the artist and the philosophy behind her body of work within this blog.

In Renaissance painting, chiaroscuro is the dramatic contrast of dark and light. For those who know the artist, the above is the best way to describe her art. Unique, captivating and an outstanding technique used to capture angels, skulls and florals within her canvas.

Prof. Ernestine Pellegrini describes Cosgroves work with the following words:  “The first impression you have in looking at Linda Cosgrove’s painting is that you’re standing before marvellous, ancient works of art, so accurate is the technique; so authentic the patina that veils the colours, so riveting the subject matter. But on closer observation, you understand that you are standing before paintings of originality and refinement. This is a primary interpretation of Linda’s paintings; extremely refined canvases and spiritual duality”. – Ernestine Pellegrini (Author and Professor of 19th Centruy Italian Literature University of Florence, Italy) and we could not agree more.

Within her contemporary surrealism, the artist philosophy aims to capture  the saying of “dead men tell no tales”, but Linda Cosgrove’s study of the Old Masters and their techniques has become the foundation for her art in carrying forward their tradition of fine detail, sense of light and touch that separates them from more contemporary applications.

Linda herself states about her art: “My paintings reflect the permanence of antiquity in our contemporary world. I have developed a technique and style that allow me to honour artisitc tradition, while distancing my work from certain preconceived notions of what is sacred. I prefer not to explain my paintings to the viewer so as to allow each individual to experience them on a more personal level and thus make possible a uniue interpretation.”


Linda Cosgrove’s works in oil is acclaimed for reviving the medieval practice of oil-on-copper. Linda Cosgrove arrived in San Francisco in 1976 and lived in the Russian Hill area of the city until moving to Marin County with her husband and daughter. Her art is a synthesis of Renaissance inspired pieces with a strong hint of dark humor. Linda completed her education at the Universities of Wisconsin and South Carolina. Cosgrove’s works are held in collections throughout the United States and abroad, including collections in Colombia, Germany, Monaco and The Bahamas. She has been featured in numerous prestigious shows, including the New York Armory International Exhibit in which she was featured as one of the exhibition highlights, in the company of such artists as Durer, Rembrandt and David Hockney.

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