Submit your project to receive an artwork proposal within 48 hours



We are solving the art problem for you! Our international team of art consultants and advisors assist you and your team from any stage of the project in terms of sourcing fine art pieces. We understand the challenges in finding, sourcing and arranging fine art for any project, can be difficult, time-consuming and might not fit into the deadline of the project. We are here for you to assist you any time to find the perfect artwork for your client that is perfectly aligned with the vision you have for your interior design project. Furthermore, one of our consultants will be on call after your firm received our collection.

what to include in your email

  • Client requirements
  • Genre / Category you´re client prefers
  •  Design Brief / Moodboard
  • Image material of wall / Renders
  • Budget
  • Location of project
  • Deadline
  • Your firms logo to tailor the proposal for you

What else to consider

  • Once our team received your inquiry, a tailored proposal will be developed and sent back to you within 48 hours
  • Within each proposal, sent out by the team – you will receive a collection of one-of-a-kind artworks  from either emerging or established artists
  • Each artwork, proposed within your collection is available and can be directly purchased through our team.
  •  Trade discounts may apply for each artwork. 
  • Once client confirms artwork, our team will handle the entire management and transportation process for you and your team.
  • Once the artwork is installed we share your design concept with our audience to provide your firm and the artist with more exposure. 

What you will receive

Each art collection will contain your firms‘ logo and 10-20 pieces of unique works of art followed by an image material of the art placed within your design concept to show the client how the art looks in the context of the proposed concept. Furthermore, one of our consultants will be on call after your firm received our collection.