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Times have changed, and guests are always on the look-out for something new, unique and authentic that matches their lifestyle. Therefore, it is essential for hotel owners, developers and interior designers to acknowledge the importance of acquiring one-of-a kind artworks, that not only accompany the interior design concept but also have an individual story to share. The guest can participate and be inspired by this narrative in the interior, by strolling through the hotel and exploring the art collection.

Due to the rapidly growing luxury hotel market, hotels are now seeking a way to distinguish their business from the competition, by creating a clear brand identity and offering a truly unique guest experience. Building a carefully curated and engaging art collection with VELVENOIR can help achieve this. Selected artworks would serve as both an aesthetic and financial asset, but would also generate marketing and publicity for the hotel through clients sharing images and locations via social media.

How does an international network of art and hospitality experts assist developers in completing this vision? VELVENOIR has selected the best in class to work on each project to achieve an aesthetic of understated luxury and engagement with art outsourced from international career artists. The network assists interior designers and project managers from budgeting and concept planning to procurement and installation. Together, the team aims to develop and execute a well-conceived and fully realised art collection, tailored to each hotel and their guests.

As each hotel is a unique project for the VELVENOIR network, we are keen to develop a concept that strives to engage with guests, so they make an emotional connection with the hotel and its staff from the first moment they arrive at the hotel. This „emotional luxury“ also relates to the ideas of authenticity and heritage. Therefore, we seek to develop and execute an art concept that inspires and engages guests with each hotel brand, with an authentic artistic connection that invites guests to experience the rich cultural heritage of surrounding areas. As with many hotels, the network proposes a concept that merges a traditional yet contemporary, local yet global art collection, which will blend the culture of the country where the hotel is located with a wider vision in keeping with the philosophy of each hotel concept. The design itself will capture the essence of the hotel brand, specifically created by various interior design firms – VELVENOIR brings in regional artworks, installations and commissioned artworks to tailor a truly unique guest experience.

On top of the above, the VELVENOIR team recently partnered up with branding and web development experts to assist our clients with regards to communicating the entire art concept right from the start when guests visiting the hotels website. For us, it is important to offer everything from one trusted source – and even long after the project has been completed the team behind VELVENOIR will still assist you with any queries on the completed art collection and website as well as PR material.

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