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An obsession with quality and authenticity - Art Consultant insights

Art plays a huge part within today’s society. For us, at VELVENOIR and for our clients, it defines the story we start working on. An artwork is unique, something special, a masterpiece of an artist who dedicated his life to this profession, building his career within the art market as well as using various techniques, to make each piece, one of a kind.

The difference between integrating an original piece compared to a reproduced painting or print on canvas is uniqueness and the constant growth and devotion of each artist towards their craft. Artists allow us to benefit from some outstanding art, which enriches our daily life and will stay within future generations. Artists who create those pieces play a vital role in today’s society, as they push boundaries and reflect on today’s social system. Each artwork communicates a story and idea, originated by the artists’ experiences and problems they encounter throughout their life. Those stories, connect the collector directly on a deeper and personal level. This lead to clients does not only profit on the aesthetical appearance, also on the growth of value over time, after placing the art in their home. Remember, art has a personal and financial investment value. Both are connected with social prestige of building a personal art collection, due to the artwork acquired, the name of the artist, the story behind and the scale of the piece. Art placed in your design concept – will inspire your client but also engage them on a daily basis. To spot those outstanding pieces, you have to gather information about the artist, educate yourself when visiting fairs, exhibitions, and galleries. While sourcing art for your client, take a look at the technique of the piece and how the artwork differs to other pieces from other artists.

When acquiring a piece of art – there is no previous knowledge of the art business, experience collecting art or degree in art history necessary. For any aspiring collector, within the current art world, it might seem very exclusive, intimidating and an inaccessible club where only the elite has access to acquire those one-of-a-kind pieces. That one of kind piece breaks rules, and the network behind VELVENOIR loves to assist you and your team in using those for your clients’ new home to make a statement. Our service focuses on bridging the gap between you and your client and the art to make it more accessible. This allows clients to could get their hands easier on their very own masterpiece, through you and our network.

For us at VELVENOIR, it is about realising the story of your client through art or an entire concept based on the client and your design. When it comes down to sourcing and proposing unique pieces for your project, it is very personal. However, in today’s, world time is limited and a personal approach appreciated – clients will welcome the fact, you assist them in finding their personal statement for their home and took the extra step for them.  Acquiring art is motivated by passion and emotional value rather than a price tag – however, it is key to keeping both in mind, the preference and the budget to ensure the art shown to the client could be part of their design concept for their home. Once you´ve to place the art in your concept – you will experience how the art will impact the designed space.

The last ten years have seen incredible changes in the art world, due to technological growth within the industry – VELVENOIR has partnered with the best-in-class art consultants, curators, and advisors across the globe. Each partner shares the belief that art can bring not only a deeper and more meaningful experience, to the design. It also adds value, enjoyment and inspiration for your client. Therefore, VELVENOIR assists interior designers in their day-to-day business in sourcing and proposing one of a kind piece for their clients through our online art concierge service “ART ON DEMAND” as well as through personal meetings. Our personalised approach tailors each concept to you and your clients’ needs and requirements. Our fresh outlook enables us to deliver outstanding results as we partner with you and your team in the end-to-end process of acquiring and displaying art.

It is a journey to find the right piece of art – but it is a journey worth taking. As you walk along, you will encounter outstanding pieces that feel like they are a part of you. …because ART makes a difference!

Alexandra Schafer - MD & Art Consultant VELVENOIR