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Se investi nell'arte - investi in te stesso


“Art is lived with… viewed, admired and loved. It becomes  a friend and companion… part of our daily lives. Art is an investment, pleasure, and treasure to the eye – and we are grateful to be your art partner along this exciting journey.” – Alexandra Schafer

Alexandra Schafer, based in Austria, is an expert in contemporary art and hospitality with more than 10 years of experience. Her passion, determination and perseverance for these industries made her to launch VELVENOIR, an international art consultancy firm working within the primary and secondary market. She strives to remain at the forefront of her field, utilizing a cross- disciplinary approach, which allows her to be as thoughtful and dynamic as her clientele, to curate personal art collections, source and buy art for interior design projects, build permanent art collections and bespoke art concepts for hotels and corporate projects.

Throughout her time abroad, she continuously visited and keeps on visiting art galleries, art fairs and locally based artists to educate herself within the fast paced art market and ensure her client have access to top-notch artworks from career artists.

Believing in strong collaborations she partnered up with selected and vetted experts to bring them into her projects to incorporate new perspectives, know-how, access to more artists, and expertise for her clients. Ever since, she and her  global network of selected experts  are bridging the gap between great talents within the arts and putting them forward towards different clients.

For her and her team as well as client –  It all starts with a personal meeting, discussing the initial inspiration to fully-installation on site, which is managed by her and her time in a timely and fashionable manner.

Through VELVENOIR she addresses the issue of investing in career artists and indigenous communities today, in providing services such as curated art concepts, international art sourcing, bespoke art commissions, up to a bespoke branding, tailored workshops to learn clients how to communicate and promote the art concept in their projects. 

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